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County of G上海花千坊爱上海ansu Province ceremony predicts by rainstorm calamity pecuniary los上海千花网论坛s exceeds 200 million yuan (graph)

In new network Lanzhou on August 9 report (Wang Shu ) office of lash-up of government of county of county of ceremony of the city austral Gansu Provinc上海千花网论坛e Gansu is announced 9 days, will come 7 days on August 6, major area suffers ceremony county to arrive greatly rainstorm, ceremony county Long Lin presses down the biggest rainfall 10 thousand villages amount to 211.6 millimeter. This rainstorm sends the respect such as communication of irrigation works of housing of this county inmate, traffic, municipal project, electric power, crop to be damaged badly. Up to 8 days 16 when, entire county shares 191 villages of 17 villages and towns 4433 more than 20 thousand peoples are stricken, predict more than 200 million yuan to cause immediate pecuniary loss.

Will come 7 days on August 6, major area suffers county of the ceremony austral Gansu Province Gansu to arrive greatly rainstorm, the graph is the road surface after rain. Wang Shu

Dweller housing respect, 8 villages and towns 75 202 buildings collapse, 133 533 buildings damage, damage badly among them 46 221, general attaint 87 312, 223 699 buildings drink water. Safe move people 718 2852 people.

Highway of line of mainstay of country of 183 1582.794 kilometers, province, county and rustic way all have ceremony count上海千花网论坛y churchyard different level is marred. Among them, line of 2 nations inside the county mars 113.36 kilometers, cave in coast 190 place, road surface mars 165 place, culver上海后花园论坛t mars 103, catchment[......]

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Hunan river爱上海千花网论坛 shows slimy yellow c上海龙凤后花园urrent to be Changsha subway be caused by of 3 lines construction

Yesterday (16 days) in the morning at 10 o'clock, in Hunan Changsha orange continent ea上海千花网论坛st on the Hunan river surface of side, current of occurrence mud yellow, cloudy Jiangshui and the water of dark green river all round form bright contrast. The position of current happening is in in the Changsha subway that build on 3 lines line.

Changsha 3 lines subway 5 mark paragraph project controller Zhang Zhibo: This one address is efflorescent conglomerate, break is unoccupied place very much, driving of aegis compose machine arrives this position when, protect water of river of unoccupied place water of the turbid meeting that approach and layer break, Hunan to have certain connection, appeared pressure release, appeared turbid and refluent circumstance. Aegis compose also is the c阿拉后花园hange according to geological condition in boring process, undertake adjustment to t贵族宝贝上海论坛he parameter of aegis compose driving ceaselessly, at present夜上海论坛 this kind of state also is a when come up against normal construction phenomenon.

Current is controlled already Jiang Shui was not entered in establish channel

Changsha subway 3 line上海贵族宝贝论坛s, from southwest northeast outspread, cross Hunan river and orange continent head, full-length 42.8 kilometers. This is Changsha subway the picture of real time monitoring of ministry of 3 lines item, the reporter sees, jiang Shui was not entered in establish channel, the project is in normal construction.

Changsha 3 lines subway 5 mark parag上海千花网论坛raph project[......]

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Japanese man beats platform suicide sends 100 thousand person to give a suffocate suffocate

In report will occupy new network on May 23 coverage of Japanese news network, controlled at 7 o'clock 23 days in the morning local time, station of former JR of Japanese Tokyo double ended radius sleeker produced person accident one case. A man jumps down from platform of station of line of Jing Bindong north, the electric car dash against that is sailed come, die on the spot. Incident causes train delay, about 100 thousand person goes a suffocate suffocate.

Japanese JR company makes a statement east say, have an accident to handle this, electric c上海千花网论坛ar of line of Jing Bindong north stops to run about one many hour. Additional, time of every sky class is unusual line of congested hill hand also is forced to be interrupted temporarily. According to estimation, because defer of this matter reason moves,have 46 electric car at least, about 100 thousand office worker that hurry to an unit give a suffocate suffocate.

Occupy police at present preliminary conclude, this man may be the suicide. His identity still is among investigation.

The report points out, there are a few views to be called in Japan " black on Monda上海千花网论坛y " , "Reject disease going to work " , "Zhou Yi is ill " wait. The investigation that dies to committing suicide according to Japanese Ministry of Public Health makes clear, the Zhou Yifa that suicidal occurence rate begins in the job normally is unripe most.

Consider to make clear, after office worker ends a week swot, sleep in the home normally on the weekend lie-i[......]

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Injury of cure of Russian tiger classics is put in putting in mountain forest snow 's charge, fierce tiger appears exceed a shock

Login register injury of cure of classics of tiger of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to put does in putting in mountain forest snow 's charge, fierce tiger appear exceed shock origin: ? Travel hill?2011-07-05 10:04 Http://www.mnw.cn/

After cure of classics of this 9 years old of tigers is hurt, be put to put in mountain forest 's charge

The animal protects worker to say, fierce tiger appears Jovianly picture lets a person be forgotten hard

In new network report will report 4 days according to British media on July 4, russia is in before the eastpart part, tiger of a prime of life drops into the trap that poacher decorates carelessly, painful wail cries, was discovered to accept cure ever since. Subsequently, this tiger is put to put in mountain forest 's charge, it jumped the setting of a basket Jovianly to be patted, make many netizens big breathe out " martial " reach " satisfy a craving " .

According to the report, the one part in Russia the eastpart part is obscure in the forest, tiger of this 9 years old of Siberia is discovered to fall into trap to get hurt by a flock of students, well-meaning students drive car tens of mile, search recent phone上海千花网论坛 to inform the tiger guards a branch. This branch informed wild animal protects office subsequently, past spot is anaesthetic before this arrange expedites an exp上海千花网论坛ert this gets hurt tiger, before carrying it, toward safety the place accepts cure.

The expert gives this head[......]

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President of news of Japanese morning sun resigns next week or the problem that install Fu reports take the blame phonily

Service of provide for t上海千花网论坛he aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, ar上海千花网论坛ticle, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


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Japan is done because pat bottom of skirt of high school schoolgirl to be arrested secretly,laugh at actor Lai end and birthday

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Japan " read sell news " will report on March 27, arrange is stolen because of an actor in the center of police of county of Japanese static ridge take belong to the same organization of bottom of skirt of high school schoolgirl, will be in static ridge city on March 26 area of fine horse river, disobey this county in order to be suspected of " puzzle prevent byelaw " for arrested red-handed Lai end and birthday (Ji Benxing does the member上海千花网论坛) that laughs at assorted KAZU AI below industry standard.

It is reported, controlled 9:40 that day morning, suspect Lai end is in JR(Japan railroad) on the automatic staircase that Jing Gang stands, the skirt rough draft that extends the bag of under cover mobile phone a schoolgirl of 18 years old of high school undertakes stealing patting. Face police investigation, lai end and birthday are admitted, and a video that sends this woman student secretly still is collected in its mobile phone. Lai end says, at that time is to going in the road of transcribe TV program. Police still will investigate the duty of other crime to its.

Ji Benxing course of study acts on the end that brings vitality to the place with laugh, 47 when let the actor below the banner inhabit each district of Japanese whole nation respectively government office county, do laughing at assorted KAZU AI is these living actor are medium among them a group. Before be being arrested, the person such as Lai end is underta[......]

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Irish the whole people is common cast vote hold with homosexual marriage legalization

In report will occupy new network on May 24 outside intermediary reports 24 days, whether does Ireland hold the whole people to umpire legally with respect to homosexual marriage, the result shows the poll person of 62% is held with.

According to the report, from this, irish republic becomes the first formally to umpire throu上海千花网论坛gh the whole people the country of a legalization of same sex marriage.

Irish premier Kenny says, this is the scrambles equality big signal that a Xiaoguo issues to the world.

This the whole people umpires is the Ireland 22 years ago homosexual behavior innocent after changing, at this point the another major move that the problem launchs.

The report says, ireland exceeds 3.2 million constituency to receive the whole people to umpire problem, ask they make known his position to whether hope to revise national constitution namely, marry in order to allow homosexual partner.

Be in early voting reach before the result, the ministers of the Irish government that supports Xiu Xian express, the result that they believe to the whole people umpires is to hold with, they say this is Irish history a it is important to go up day.

Local time Saturday (on May 23) began to have plan bill to umpiring this at 9 o'clock in the morning, voting rate exceeds 60% .

That day, the constituency that casts ay people had begun to celebrate. And a few famous opposition the personage of same sex marriage has admitted to be beaten afternoon Saturday,上海千花网论坛 give out congratulation t[......]

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Enlighten do obeisance to prince to pull chief of a tribe of couplet of A of picture of spot of rare heart funeral to fall half-mast indicates mourning (group plan)

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral上海千花网论坛 Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the ag上海千花网论坛ed is taken


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Day intermediary: The United States starts a war to need " justice " assault of Japanese this do all one can

In electric J上海千花网论坛apan new overseas Chinese will sign up for new network on September 22 article of 22 daily newspaper says, in Japanese congress periphery, count the people to be in rain everyday, fall in burning sun, pour out the dissatisfaction of pair of new security laws, but the complete change that Japanese government will complete pair of Japan law finally on September 18, the people's cry is in Japan actually government whats are, can get only but with complaint.

The article says, install times political power to hope to write constitution, but with environment of current the will of the people, international, it is not easy to realize Xiu Xian. Be forced now dark spend Chen Cang, let militia have first play war and the influence that start a war, the constitution with current built on stilts, etc the opportunity will mature to write constitution again henceforth. Enter all wars that the United States starts, should be the end of the oldest politics that brings times cabinet. Such target is after American national power is low, got of course American welcome.

Whether be willing to be the warlike effectiveness that the United States starts as to Japanese people, it is a mystery at present, but main support brings times regime " read sell news " , " Japanese economy news " wait for public opinion to think, no matter what war, as long as the United States is started, sure be justice. Past Japan did not attend directly, this do all one can will be American charge forward h[......]

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Now international news

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Go on a pilgrimage of sand spy Mecca person trample incident has a Chinese to die

Accident of trample of Mecca 9 24 is newest progress: According to center extensive network on September 25 message, the reporter learns from the press conference of Ministry of Foreign Affairs that just holds, citizen of a China is in sand is special on September 24 local time Mecca go on a pilgr上海千花网论坛image person die in trample incident. . . .

2015-09-25 17:54 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
Mecca 24 trample of 9 · the accident is newest progress: Sand spy king announces to change pilgrim plan

International is online stalk of grain only: Integrated Russia new company and TASS report 24 days, saudi Arabia Ministry of Public Health grows Halidealifalihe to express, 24 days of trample accident accounts that produce around Mecca are go on a pilgrimage person nonobservance is relevant compasses. . .

2015-09-25 17:50 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Veil nebula is the fanciest strange unreal of picture of imaginary picture exposure shakes (high-definition group pursues)

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " lens signs up for " will report on September 24, zhou Si, bureau of American space navigation announced nebula of a piece of veil a few days ago (The Veil Nebula) picture of the fanciest imaginary, picture very shake. The veil star that NASA announces. . .

2015-09-25 17:47 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Masses t[......]

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