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Kevin Garnett vs. Tim Duncan rivalry will last forever, even as they fade away


Tim Duncan watched Monday night as his Spurs played Kevin Garnett's Timberwolves. Knee soreness kept him out, while his arch rival had a season-high 10 points on 5-for-6 shooting in 20 minutes. But Garnett, too, was seated at the end of the game.

Sitting has become somewhat of a norm for both Duncan and Garnett, the two greatest power forwards of their era. This is far different from their early matchups, especially during Garnett's first run with the Timberwolves. Between that 10-year stretch, spanning from Duncan's debut in 1997 to Garnett's last season in Minnesota in 2007, neither player missed more than 16 games. They won three consecutive NBA MVPs and three times occupied both forward spots on the All-NBA first team.

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Both were on the court Dec. 23, their 52nd matchup, including two playoff meetings (1999 and 2001) that both went the Spurs' way. Duncan improved his career edge on Garnett to 33-19, but they combined for six points and six rebounds. Born a month apart in spring 1976, the 39-year-olds have seen their statistics regress, particularly in this season for Duncan. The constant has been their presence.

“I think both ourselves and the Timberwolves are very, very fortunate to have those kinds of guys because a lot of teams don’t get that kind of leadership for their young guys coming into t夜网论坛he program," Spurs coach Gregg P[......]

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Brad Stevens back on bench for Celtics after visiting dying former player

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Brad Stevens returned to coach the Celtics on Sunday against the Grizzlies after leaving Thursday to be with one of his former Butler players, Andrew Smith, who is near death.

Smith, 25, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in January 2014. The disease later moved into his blood stream, and his wife Samantha wrote in a blog post Sunday that Smith's death is "imminent." Stevens left the Celtics to visit him in the hospital and missed Thursday's loss to the Bulls.

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"It was not an easy decision, certainly, but it was the right one," Stevens said before Sunday's game, via Sean Grande, voice of the Celtics. "No question it was the right one. And I just think you make the right decision and you live with whatever you live with. But I’m just thankful [this team] understands the impact of a world outside of basketball.

"We’re fortunate to be doing what we’re doing. We use words like 'adversity,' we use words like 'toughness' and 'grit' and 'warrior' but this is a game when it’s all said and done. But it’s a meaningful game because it impacts the way people feel. And I think that’s you real[......]

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Father, son go fishing for Steph Curry's autograph in Philly

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Most people hope to get an autograph by simply asking nicely.

But one father-son duo in Philadelphia got a little creative. The two used a string and clipboard contraption to reel in Stephen Curry's autograph before a practice ahead of the Warri夜网论坛ors' game against the 76ers on Friday.

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These fans must have staked out Curry and known when he would arrive to practice then created the plan to lower their memorabilia. Talk about dedication. 


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Toronto taxi drivers prepared to strike during NBA All-Star weekend

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The NBA All-Star Game is Sunday in Toronto. Unfortunately for fans visiting the city for the weekend, they may have a hard time getting around.

To protest the presence of Uber, Toronto taxi drivers are preparing to strike during All-Star weekend. NBA All-Star events will take place beginning Friday, with the game on Sunday at 8:30 p.m.夜网论坛 at the Air Canada Centre.

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Cab drivers are also upset with Toronto Mayor John Tory, who is pleading with the newly formed United Taxi Workers Association to not disrupt All-Star weekend.

Paul Sekhon, head of the UTWA, told the Toronto Star the planned strike would be "similar to the one on Dec. 9.," when cab drivers blocked traffic for hours to protest Uber, a peer ride-hail company that is competing with cab companies in[......]

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Chris Bosh hopes to play this season thanks to blood-thinners, report says

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Heat All-Star Chris Bosh will continue to take blood-thinners and try to return to the court this season, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Bosh is dealing with complications from another blood clot in his leg, which cost him the entire second half of last season. But this news is more encouraging, even if details remai夜网论坛n vague.

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Bosh, 31, was unable to play in Sunday’s All-Star Game in Toronto because of pain in his calf. He suffered blood clots in his lungs last season, a much more serious issue that also began with an apparent calf injury, ending his season at the break.

The NBA’s grueling travel schedule could be a factor in Bosh’s treatment. Flying is considered somewhat risky for people with blood-clot issues in their legs.


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Doc Rivers says Clippers won't trade Blake Griffin before deadline

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Rumors have been swirling about the Clippers possibly trading Blake Griffin in the wake of his recent injuries and off-the-court trouble.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers on Tuesday emphatically denied the team will deal its five-time All-Star.

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"We're not trading Blake,” Rivers said, via the Orange County Reg夜网论坛ister .

Los Angeles has reportedly been fielding offers for Griffin, who is averaging 23.1 points and 8.7 rebounds per game.

Griffin hasn’t played since Christmas Day after tearing a tendon in his quadriceps. He fractured his right hand in an altercation involving the team’s assistant equipment manager, Matias Testi, last month and was suspended four games for the incident. 


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John Wall didn't have to embarrass Trey Lyles


John Wall and Trey Lyles have a lot in common. 

For starters, they're in the NBA, and the Wizards point guard and Jazz power forward both played at Kentucky under coach John Calipari. Then, there's . . . well, OK, actually, that's all they have in common. Still, you'd think the Big Blue Nation bond would be enough for Wall not to embarass the rookie the way he did Thursday night, but you'd be wrong. 

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My goodness, Johnathan Hildred Wall Jr.

Lyles may still be try夜网论坛ing to find his way back from wherever he wandered when Wall went behind the back on him.


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Steph Curry honored by, feels weird about Kanye calling him best of generation

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During the rollout of Kanye West's album "The Life of Pablo," the rapper went on a string of Twitter rants that, to some, were mos夜网论坛tly incoherent. During the course of one of those rants, West sent out a tweet comparing himself to Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry.

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On Thursday, the league's reigning MVP responded to West's tweet.

"I've seen a lot of his crazy, outlandish tweets…especially in the past month," Curry said, "and then when I saw my name cross through his fingertips that was pretty funny and honoring at the same time, but then also very weird, putting me in the same conversation as Michael and Kanye."

West's tweet gained attention throughout the sports world, and Bleacher Report created a graphic that found its way to Curry.

"My favorite, somebody did a graphic of me, and my jersey and Jordan, of him guarding me, but Kanye's face was on both of us. So, that's like my favorite meme of all time."

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Derek Fisher says he and Matt Barnes were never friends at all

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Derek Fisher has been under a lot of scrutiny the past year, and that scrutiny intensified when he was fired as the Knicks head coach Feb. 9.

Between his altercation with former teammate Matt Barnes about Gloria Govan (Barnes' estranged wife and Fisher's girlfriend) and a slump with the Knicks, Fisher has been tabloid fodder.

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"I want to make sure my voice is now heard," Fisher said  in an essay written for Sports Illustrated . "I want to let people know that you can’t just make things up and get away with it. I want to set a few things straight."


Fisher clarified that he and Matt Barnes were never more than teammates on the Lakers for two seasons.

"During that time, we were teammates, and never had any issues. We never had any real relationship off the court, either. Our kids didn’t hang out, our families didn’t interact. There were no birthday parties. There were no post-game dinners. We weren’t friends, and we had no mutual friends."

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Fisher and his wife later separated, as did Barnes and his wife, Gloria Govan. According to Fisher, there was no sneaking around or lying when he began dating Govan.

"I don[......]

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Kobe Bryant can retire peacefully after punking LeBron James one last time


Kob夜网论坛e Bryant and LeBron James faced off for the very last time on Thursday night at Staples Center.

While Bryant is no longer able to best LeBron with athleticism, his "old-man game" is still light-years ahead of LeBron's.


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The rocker step and fade-away shot is one of Bryant's go-to moves, and LeBron knew it. But Kobe clearly isn't going out like a punk.


UPDATE: Vintage Kobe.


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