Bulletin plum Yan Hong multiplies Beijing polic爱上海贵族宝贝论坛eman nobody drive魔都新茶论坛 on the car 5 annulus: Support innovates but please lawfully

Beijing hands in police officer Fa上海千花网论坛ng Weibo to say, begi上上海千花网论坛海龙凤419论坛nning investigati上海千花网论坛on actively to check. Support unmanned road-sense innovation, but ought to lawfully, safe, science undertakes. 夜上海论坛网Violate compasses behavior to will give lawfully 爱上海龙凤419论坛to breaking the 上海千花网论坛law investigate.


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"In astral 9A " the satellite nods a上海贵族宝贝论坛n expert successfully to fin上海花千坊419d out a rocket surely unusual

Beijing of China News Service on July 6 report (reporter Zhang Su) the reporter learns 6 days from company of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology, 上海千花网论坛"In astral 9A " satellite of broadcasting television direct seeding (CHINASAT, 9A) nods Yu Dong successfully to go up to book orbit for nothing via 101.4 ° equator surely. Eye avant-courier star each system job is regular, already opened transponder.

On June 19, 2017 zero hour 11 minutes, china launchs a center to use long march in Xi Changwei star 28 rockets launch 3 second Yao " in astral 9A " . Job of arrow of emissive process medium baking temperature is unusual, fail to send the satellite book orbit上海千花网论坛.

Data chart: Long march 3 second carrier rocket. One a small room is photographed

Chinese Xi'an satellite is measured accuse center and company of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology to cooperate closely, apply orbit 10 times to adjust through accurate fact, ensure " in astral 9A " decide a dot successfully. Satellitic follow-up will be begun by the plan the work checks in course.

"In astral 9A " it is an east that is based on Chinese own research and development red the earth of 4 satellites platform is上海千花网坊 dormant orbit telecommunication satellite, by 5 courtyards of Chinese company of group of spaceflight science and technology ministry of telecommunication satellite career stresses total 上海花千坊爱上海development. The design on the star has 24 Ku frequency paragraph transponder. Satellitic signal en上海千花宝贝clothes Chinese churchyard, designed Nanhai beam technically, the people that goes up in order to satisfy the life in魔都新茶论坛 Nanhai maritime space and insular reef watchs the demand of broadcast上海花千坊1314ing television program.

Side of company of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology says, examine an opinion according to the expert, long march 28 rockets problem is located in 3 second Yao surely 3 class glide Duan Zi accuses engine to roll pilot thruster appears unusual, already finished at present " the technology clears " and " draw inferences about other cases from one instance " the job. (Be over)


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Photograph of爱上海龙凤419论坛 resume of Li Jixiang of former vice-president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the 新上海龙凤Anhui province dies die at the age of is 98 years old

The outstanding Party member of the Chinese Communist, faithful communistic soldier, former vice-president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the Anhui province Comrade Li Jixiang due to illness cure is invalid, on July 4, 2017 22 when die 20 minutes in Hefei, die at the age of is 98 years old.

Comrade Li Jixiang.

Comrade Li Jixiang, person of Shandong jujube village, unripe in January 1920, attended revolution in Feburary 1938, joined a Chinese Communist in May 1938. Held the post of the Communist Party of China in Feburary 1938 Lu Suyu Anhui is special appoint political traffic member; Ren Luna fought political instructor of politics of total fleet of day justice brave in May 1938; Assumed mone上海千花网论坛y of Shandong provincial Party committee in September 1938 appoint conference section member; Held the post of 3 detachment of Shandong of the Eight Route Army in November 1938 meeting lecture a teacher in charge of a class; Held the post of Shandong in June 1939 money of Party committee of the first borough appoint conference section member; Ren Yi cheated section chief of administrative office finance in January 1941, money of perfectural Party committee appoint vice secretary, secretary of leading Party group of prefectural commissioner's office; Administrative office finance managed the division in Ren Lu in July 1942 finance section chief; The Ou Nayi in Ren Lu cheated director of industrial and commercial bureau in October 1943; Held the post of Shandong in July 1945 the province is industrial and commercial total bureau director of the 6th substation;魔都新茶论坛 The area in Ren Lu is industrial and commercial in September 1945 management board deputy director general; Held the post of Shandong in March 1946 the province is industrial and commercial total bureau director of the 5th substation; Held the post of Lu Zhong area in August 1947 administrative office is industrial and commercial bureau director; Ren Huadong area is industrial and commercial in June 1948 cadre school principal; Held the post of manager of head office of trade of Anhui north area in April 1949; Held the post of Anhui north area in May 1950 administrative office is industrial and commercial department deputy director general; Ren Anhui saved commercial office deputy hall to grow in December 1952; Allowed to save commercial office hall to grow in August 1953; Held the post of undersecretary of ministry of finance and trade of provincial Party committee in March 1956; Held the post of undersecretary of ministry of finance and trad上海后花园论坛e of provincial Party committee to hold chairman of company of province supply and marketing concurrently in October 1963; Allowed to save money to do vice secretary of vice director, leading Party group in August 1965; Transfer to a lower level of Culture Revolution initial stage; Assumed remove from office of Chu county district in November 1971 appoint vice secretary of conference vice director, perfectural Party commi[......]

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T上海品茶论坛op magic 上海龙凤自荐区art: 18 big since publish 123 judicatory to reform a file in all

Department of top people court changes handle source of picture of director Hu Shihao: Net of top people court

In new network department of top people court will revise report on July 7 do director Hu Sh闵行蝴蝶验证归来ihao to express now, 18 big since, top people court alone or jointly with central concerned branch, published 123 judicatory to reform a file in all.

Now, top people court is held " report of data of effect of reform of people court administration of justice and reform model case " press conference, release " people court administration of justice reforms case choosing to make up (one) " and " datagram of effect of reform of people court administration of justice is accused " . Department of top people court changes do director Hu Shihao, sun Fuhui of chief engineer of center of information of top people court introduces relevant case.

On the meeting, hu Shihao introduces, up to now, 18 3 medium, 4 in plenary meeting takes the lead by top people court certainly catch total 18 reform task to already was finished entirely. People court " 45 reform compendium " affirmatory 65 reform act already also was pushed in the round, the reform act of great majority has obtained very good result.

Hu Shihao expresses, tell from the design carrying a layer on the head of reform, 18 big since, top people court alone or jointly with central concerned branch, published 123 judicatory to reform a file in all. But, judge reforms effect how, cannot sheet looks accomplished how many reform the task, published document of how many reform, should look fulfil a circumstance, the difficult problem of sex of system sex mechanism that the key should see restrict adjudgement qualitative effect for a long time is defeated effectively the reform of solution, people is obtained feeling promote significantly, the integral effect that depends on law state in the round is re上海干磨店688一览表vealed adequately.

Hu Shihao points out, change through department do to study jointly with information center, decision of top people court shows reform result to everybody from two levels. It is to pass through data to see reform on one hand. Rely on judicator上海龙凤419论坛y to big data manages and serve platform, collect of all kinds data, objective analysis is compared right, change with what data appears the around of reform, those who break the difficult, result of the problem is big, formed " datagram of effect of reform of people court administration of justice is accused " . is to combine case to stress r上海龙凤自荐区eform on the上海千花网论坛 other hand. Through beginning reform superintend and on-the-spot survey, on the foundation that reforms practice in each di上海千花网论坛strict, summary abstracted a part to explore innovation sex the strong, reform case that has typical demonstrative se上海龙凤后花园nse, formed " people court administration of justice reforms case choosing to make up (one) " .


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Xin Jiping of former vice president of Shanghai landed group is investigated by put on record: Experience corruption takes bribes w夜上海论坛网ait for a bl上海龙凤419论坛ame

According to top people procuratorate small gain on July 7 message, on July 6, 2017, classics of the first branch department examines Shanghai people procuratorate decision, produce to Shanghai ground lawfully (group) development of technology of economy of bridge of limited company former vice 龙凤419贵族宝贝president, Shanghai rainbow上海千花网论坛 rec上海龙凤419论坛ruits limited company former president jointly Xin Jiping (deputy bureau class) sell state-owned asset blame in order to be suspected of low of fraud of corruption blame, bribery blam上海贵族宝贝论坛e, practise favourit上海花千坊1314ism put on record is investigated and. Case investigation job is undertaking in. ? ? ? ?

(primary prob上海后花园论坛lem is " mechanism of Shanghai procuratorial work is investi上海千花网论坛gated to Xin Jiping put on record lawfully " )


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In store height of bureau of commissariat of country of money of food夜上海论坛 of the ten million on divert of experience o夜上海最新论坛f grain assist in relief library takes seriously

In new network on July 7 report yesterday, have media coverage, in store grain assists in relief library is suspected of money of food of the ten million on divert上海千花网论坛, hundreds fa上海龙凤千花1314rmer is chased after denounce 4 years to not have if really. National commissariat bureau passes official website response today, say height takes this上海千花网论坛官网看花品茶 matter seriously, undertake special subject studies at onc上海千花网论坛e, in enjoining Hubei province i上海千花网论坛s mixed store the thorough of concerned respect as soon as possible such as grain head office is checked, clutch adopt necessary step appropriate to deal with.

10 thousand treasure close store the share th上海龙凤网坛at the library orders is provincial reserve grain is already nigrescent mildew changes. Picture origin: Center extensive network.

That day, national commissari上海花千坊1314at bureau guides jointly with superintend and director of concerned unit composition group drive go to Hubei to assist this world undertakes superintend and director is checked supervise and direct.


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Now dome上海贵族宝贝论坛s上海龙凤419论坛tic news

Gaotie of China of operation of have transport service of Gao Tiejin day realizes Bao Lan " traverse a thing "

In new network Beijing on July 9 report today, arrive from Shaanxi treasure chicken the treasure Lan Gaotie of Gansu Province Lanzhou will be formal operation of be open to traffic. The get through of be open to traffic of treasure orchid tall iron the Chinese last kilometer of thing of Gao Tieheng be linked together, treasure Lan Gaotie and. . .

2017-07-09 10:57 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Do 240 thousand cars have 40 thousand car only: ? Does stool of  of Lang of envy of  of  of Yi You gorge owe Zhun plum smoke of 3 provide for?

Recently, have a netizen to news 117 report, be located in south Tianjin city those who open an area is wide open 3 avenues, because the parking space inside the village is in short supply, dwellers can be in car place only wayside, come so, this not wide road is narrower. . . .

2017-07-09 09:57 origin: ? ?17 of contraction of target of Yun of ㄉ of Yi Ling felt " date of small letter public
Chongqing one car is left 2 days to go up by tired Jiang Xin the disaster that decharge amuse oneself causes

Dock of hole of dummy of south bank Ou Nabin road, the car stops all alone in the altitude of decharge. Reporter Zhong Zhibing photographs south b爱上海千花网论坛ank business of dock of hole of dummy of Ou Nabin road is much, flood year after year season has car to be stranded Jiang Xin, still did not bring. . .

2017-07-09 09:53 origin: ? Paralysis of She warm up?
This Chongqing chauffeuse is " take money " unexpectedly the edge eats edge glacial pink to drive

The female driver police that edge glacial pink has to drive by the side of offers graph Chongqing sultry weather will raid, glacial pink, cool shrimp is known as the emperor that see hot weath上海千花网论坛er to taste. Recently, one woman is eating Chongqing to put pink on the ice at the same time unexpectedly drive at the same time, so risky move. . .

2017-07-09 09:50 origin: ? Paralysis of She warm up?
Tourist of archaeologist research ancient time " uncivilized behavior " : Leave a message on law old mausoleum

On famous places and historical sites doodle of carve characters on a seal can suffer public opinion attack normally, because be suspected of crime,be sued possibly even. Nevertheless, such uncivilized behavior on the history gives Poland the clue that an archaeologist provided learning to consider. China. . .

2017-07-09 09:46 origin: ? Salary  ?
In July 10? Bus stop of number of Gao Tie share has Cheng Yu since adjust

The 1st reporter branch of passenger transport of 8 Cong Chengyu tall iron learns, give a demand to satisfy a passenger further, the Gao Tie that become change will is opposite since July 10 G8530 of change Gao Tie is become during heat carry second, second train bus stop undertakes G8532 adjust, railroad branch is carried. . .

2017-07-09 09:46 origin: ? ? eye
Shaanxi a period of ten days is in relief one man wor[......]

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Liu Shanqiao of vice-chairman of Hub阿拉后花园ei province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is suspected聚凤阁全国 of violating discipline badly by depose

Report will occupy xinhua net Beij上海千花网论坛ing on July上海龙凤419论坛 12 central organization ministry confirms about chief, hubei saves Liu Shanqiao of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Confe上海花千坊1314rence to be suspected of violating discipline badly, already decided to dis上海后花园论坛charge its to lead a post上海千花网论坛上海外菜会所 in the center of, pressing a program to deal with now.

Original title: Liu Shanqiao is suspected of violating di上海千花网论坛scipline badly to be edited by depose responsibility: Zheng Lili[......]

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Live build a ministry to announce the 3rd bat一品楼浙江信息ch " city double long " pilot city (上海龙凤419论坛list)

In report will occupy new network to build ministry website word on July 17, housing is urban and rural build a 14 day print and distribute " the announcement that repairs pilot city about rating 38 cities such as Baoding city of rehabilitate of the 3rd batch of zoology " , afterwards 3 inferior first pilot city and Fuzhou 19 after the 2nd batch of pilot cities, rate 38 cities such as Baoding the 3rd batch of cities again double build pilot city (the) after list is added. So far, urban and rural construction announced housing 3 batches in all partly 58 cities double build pilot city.

Data chart: Urumqi city this second be labelled the 3rd batch of cities double build one of pilot cities. The graph manages a park for Urumqi. Shi Yujiang is photographed

Central town chemical industry makes the conference point out, essential close around raise town to change quality, specific aim ground solves the outstanding contradiction that has accumulated and problem. Conference of central town work and " a certain number of opinions that the State Council of Central Committee of Communist Party of China works about strengthening town planning to build management further " requirement, should carry out in order the city is repaired and organic newer, in a planned way has the hill system that measure ground rehabilitate is destroyed, river, wet ground, vegetation.

Housing is urban and rural construction ministry builds requirement and green development concept around zoology civilization cheek by jowl, insist to be development thought of the center with people, push a city in the round double long job. the city double long as advance sex of supply side structure reform, complemental city is short board main task, as processing city of urban disease, change develops the important grasper of means, main improvement is zoology environment quality, complemental urban infrastructure is short board, raise public service level.

The 3rd batch 38 cities double building pilot city is 47 cities that declare from each district in, via the expert evaluation is chosen, included provincial capital city, deputy provincial town, ground level city and prefectural class city, have the city of the different property such as city of travel of historical culture famous city, scenery and old industry city, dimensions and type, this second choose outstanding held a city main leader is driven personally, executive plan project of perfect, project is specific 3 principles, in order to ensure pilot job obtains result.

Housing is urban and rural construction ministry made clear 6 respects to try bit of job job in the announcement: It is new 上海千花网论坛method of new concept of development of green of carry out travel; 2 it is ex上海千花网论坛ploration drives a city double repaired constituent pattern; 3 it is city of foretaste of go ahead of the rest double repaired appropriate technology; 4 it is exploration city double repaired capital raises and use means; 5 it is to build drive a city double repair[......]

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Imprint in response of Ministry of Foreign Affairs confront each ot上海贵族宝贝论坛her on July 1上海贵族宝贝sh13148, 2017 content of routine press conference

Ask: According to the report, the name lets the exhibition that Nanjing tragedy repeats will kick off in Japanese Hiroshima on July 15 no longer for the memory that is sealed up for keeping, this exhibition is exhibited by museum of Nanjing folk War of Resistance Against Japan and Hiroshima Nanjing massacre sponsor committee to be held jointly. Be just opposite in does Sino-Japanese place team hold concerned activity to have jointly why view?

Answer: We notice concern上海千花女生自荐ed report, to Nanjing and Japanese Hiroshima concerned place team holds this one activity to give positive opinion jointly. This year is Nanjing massacre 80 years. Nanjing massacre is the serious crime that Japanese militarism element commits during World War II, it is a paragraph of painful history that nots allow to obliterate. Only deep derive history is taught a lesson, with Shi Weijian, ability avoids warlike tragedy to repeat, ability maintains peace truly, start tomorrow.

Ask: Singapore premier Li Xianlong expressed on one forum a few days ago, singapore always thinks prosperity, stable China is helpful for an area, be helpful for world; Singapore will devoting oneself to to participate in establish one zone in all all the way a major programme of lasting importance, strengthen with in just cooperate in each domain. Just have to this in why to respond to? Right current in new concern and new just participate in one belt to be built all the way have why view?

Answer: Singapore is east alliance is main member, the concern that is the same as Singapore just values in, two countries was built with when what all enters is all-around the partner concerns, both sides begins extensive collaboration on the foundation of equal mutual benefit. Singapo上海千花网论坛re has a few advantages of the respect such as his individual situation and capital, management, service, fang Huan sees the New Year in to just participate in one belt to be built all the way in. What both sides is beginning is medium new (Chongqing) strategical interconnection each other opens demonstrative collaboration project, will be helpful for promoting area interconnection each other to know a level. Not long ago Chairman Xi Jinping is in with Premier Li Xianlong during group hamburger peak meets 20 countries, hold bilateral meet, in be being deepened, new concern is being taken especially two countries collaboration is extended to reach important consensus below frame all the way. Believe to want both sides to be able to hold to only to travel, joint efforts, the foreground that new mutual benefit cooperates in is capacious.

Ask: According to the report, chinese government to halt China diplomat was reported in imprint border confronts each other concerned circumstance, in expressing, just maintain all the time exercise restraint, but won't keep patient forever. You whether does the introduction concern a bulletin specific content? Whether does in confirming, square tolerance have limit?

Answer: Incident of illegal c[......]

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