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Water level of urban district of river of Gu上海千花网后花园angxi willow river exceeds cordon again street into the river public t上海千花网论坛ransportation course halts use

On July 2, village of sanded horn of Liuzhou city gold loses the parking lot of 2 buildings to be wided. Wang Yizhao is photographed

In new network L上海花千坊1314iuzhou on July 2 report (Zhou Xiao male Qian Xiongyao) before dawn will rise on July 2, if rainstorm of Guangxi Liuzhou urban district is noted, upper reaches of river of river of together上海千花网论坛 with willow day after day strong rainfall, bring about Liu Jiang water level answer goes up, to July 2 afternoon 14 constantly, water level of river of willow of Liuzhou urban district answer go up to 83.42 meters, transcend warning line 0.92 meters. Headquarters of fight a drought of local flood prevention starts lash-up of class of Ⅳ of Liuzhou city prevent or control flood to answer. Suffer pluvial effect, public transportation course stops part of Liuzhou urban district to carry or change circuit travel.

On July 1 8 when to on July 2 8 when inside 24 hours, liuzhou urban district all appears with 5 counties strong rainfall process, share 21 villages and towns (area) experience rainstorm, big rainstorm makes a surprise attack, rainfall comes for 50.3 millimeter 130.4 millimeter.

On J夜上海论坛uly 2, the resident that river of Liuzhou city edge takes is busy carry goods and materials. Wang Yizhao is photographed

Suffer strong rainfall effect, 4 hydrometric station such as river of Dou Liujiang of 3 main rivers of Liuzhou city, Gu Yihe, be in harmony second appear super- alarm reach 5.27 meters 0.35 meters. Predicting future 2 to 24 hou[......]

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Typhonic accept is sanded latest ne上海千花网坊ws: Graph of method o上海龙凤1314419f the 9th typhoon was updated in real time 2017

In the center of dispatch of Chinese weather net observatory on July 29 10 when continue to release typhonic yellow early-warning:

The center with sanded this year accept of the 9th typhoon today (29 days) was located in our country Taiwan to save appropriate orchid county at 10 o'clock in the morning east slant southern the northwest Pacific Ocean of about 265 kilometers is foreign on the face, it is north latitude 22.6 degrees, the east longitude 123 degrees, the biggest wind-force has 13 class near the center (40 meters / second) , central lowest atmospheric pressure is 960 100 handkerchief, force 7 wind encircles radius 150-250 kilometer, whole gale encircles radius 80-120 kilometer, force 12 wind encircles radiu夜上海最新论坛s 50 kilometers.

Predict, accept is sanded will with horary the rate that 20 kilometers influence northwest direction is mobile, intensity is maintained or increase somewhat, will arrive in Taiwan Hualien at around of 29 days of dusks one belt lands ap上海千花网论坛propriate orchid l上海千花网论坛ittoral (typhonic class or strong typhoon class, 13-14 class, 40-42 rice / second) , 30 days of before dawn arrive in Fujian glow riverside to in the morning one belt lands Xiamen again littoral (class of strong tropical storm or typhonic class, 10-12 class, 25-33 rice / second) . After landing, accept is sanded will to boreal direction slants to move on 夜上海论坛the west, intensity wear off, 30 days nightly be in to 31 days of mornings Jiangxi the eastpart part is abate for tropical de[......]

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Miao Runcai of s上海本地龙凤自荐女ecretary上海千花验证归来 of former Party committee of Xi'an industry university by discharge party membership

Save period according to Shaanxi appoint message: A few days ago, via approval of provincial Party committee o上海龙凤419论坛f Shaanxi of the Communist Party of China, province disci上海千花网论坛pline appoint Miao Runcai of secretary of former to Xi'an industry university Party committee violated age issue badly to undertake put on record examine.

Via checking, miao Runcai violates spirit上海各区gm资源汇总 of 8 regulations central; Disobey clean-fingered discipline, receive case gift, violate compasses extend shopping card; Disobey life 新上海后花园discipline, cause abominable society effect. Exploit the advantage of officially, detinue is communal property.

Miao Runcai leads a cadre as college Party member, good faith is lost, discipline consciousness is thin, moral moral is broken model, the clue is serious, the influence is abominable. According to " byelaw of Chinese Communist disciplinary treatment " wait for concerned regulation, classics province discipline appoint conference of members of standing committee studies and new上海千花网论坛spaper provincial Party committee is approved, the decision gives Miao Runcai disciplinary action of job of discharge party membership, cancel, fall to be not leadership post to hand上海龙凤网坛ling level; Capture its to violate record gain. (Shaanxi saves period appoint)

Original title: Miao Runcai of secretary of former Party 上海龙凤后花园committee of Xi'an industry university is edited by responsibility of discharge party membership: Zheng Lili[......]

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Not block of Wei cloud drift looks at an eye -- write in Sino-US du夜上海论坛上海龙凤419论坛Powered By 上海贵族宝贝龙凤ring establishing diplomatic relations 40 years

Although the road of life is endless, but crucial part often has a few situations only.

To concerning between country and country character, also be such.

On January 1, 1979, sino-US and formal admit each other and build foreign relations. Sino-US establish diplomatic relations, improved the external environment of two countries not only, also changed the political economy structure of Asia-Pacific and world, to international concern progress produces far-reaching effect.

Come 40 years, sino-US relation is in as sailing silver coin vast and mightily a large ship on the face, when the delay when speed fast, forward from beginning to end however. Time look at the history, combine a two advantage, fight an all injury, become Sino-US relation to develop the most important lesson and enlightenment, perforative two countries interacts this all the way harships is rough.

Nowadays, sino-US relation already arrived not of be puzzled year.

Is good luck still a challenge? Is associate still adversary? Include look upon each other, extend deepen collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work, appropriate canal accuses difference contradiction, boost the Sino-US relation that is fundamental key with harmonious, collaboration, stability jointly, can have stridden the channel bank before, set foot on broader journey from now on, the prospect with better start.


On November 30, 2018, american Xi Yatu. Boeing company is handed in to China here paid the 2000th Boeing[......]

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18 typhoons " peaceful bene阿拉后花园fit " mix 19 " Du Surui " rise today to our阿拉后花园 country influence abate

Rose yesterday, a surname chases benefit of peaceful of the 18th typhoon and Dusu of the 19th typhoon to be far from our country gradually this year, although did not land our country, but its periphery is circumfluent to Hua Dong, Hua Na foreland brought apparent wind and rain.

Typhonic Du Surui was landed in Vietnam yesterday. Atmosphere branch reminds, the harships effect that double typhoon gives part of and other places of Hainan, Guangdong, Zhejiang the area predicts to rise today apparently will abate tend end.

The expert unscrambles: This year typhoon relatively historical the corresponding period slants much

Typhoon of Chinese atmosphere bureau and center of marine weather forecast are presiding forecast Yuan Zhangling yesterday (15 days) express, this year our country typhoon relatively historical the corresponding period slants much, at present 19 t夜上海论坛网yphoons are generated, relatively historical the corresponding pe上海千花网论坛riod is much 2.8.

Her explanation says, as a result of since this ye上海千花网论坛ar subtropic high-pressured area relatively the history slants on average big, intensity slants strong, in deputy tall to maritime space is formed be helpful for a typhoon creating such environment continuously. At present metaphase predicts the last ten-day of a month still will have 1 to be generated to 2 typhoons in September, typhonic season reachs continuance December, later period number general drop off.

Original title: Typhoon " peac上海贵族宝贝论坛eful benefit " an上海龙凤自荐区d " Du S[......]

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Sino-Japanese with respect to processing and improvement Sino-Japanese relation is reached at 4 o'clock principle consensus

Login register text of news of international of上海千花网论坛 center of news of the network austral Fujian Sino-Japanese is with respect to processing and improvement Sino-Japanese relation reached at 4 o'clock: of principle consensus origin? Salary  ?2014-11-07 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel [summary] both sides is handled and improve Sino-Japanese relation to reach the following at 4 o'clock principle consensus, drive two countries relation to improve development.

Sino-Japanese with respect to processing and improvement Sino-Japanese relation is reached at 4 o'clock principle consensus, square requirement day just is faced up to in and appropriate handles the great and sensitive issue such as the history, Diaoyu Island

On November 7, 2014, the Japan home security that State Consul Yang Jiechi calls in together in house of Diaoyutai state guest ensures director cereal Neizhengtailang holds a talk.

Yang Jiechi points out, develop the Sino-Japanese relationship with long-term stable health, accord with the prime increase of two countries and two countries people, square consistent position is in in Sino-Japanese on foundation of 4 politics file, act on develop Sino-Japanese relationship with the Shi Weijian, spirit that faces future. As a result of well-known reason, sino-Japanese relation faces serious and difficult situation continuously, nearly a few months come, both sides overcame obstacle of Sino-Japanese relation politics to undertake m[......]

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Dispatch: U.N. is stationed in Ma Li radical to amount to Er base to be raided already sent 3 dead

Acoustical national defence of China is spatio-temporal: [U.N. is stationed in Ma Li radical to amount to Er base to encounter assault] report according to BBC, u.N. is stationed in base of upper Jidaer in 上海千花网论坛the horse to encounter bazooka makes a surprise attack, had had 3 people death at present, include personnel of a peace keeping, two civilian, at least 12 people are injured. The personnel that launchs assault at present is still unidentified bright, a上海千花网论坛s we have learned, mohammedan armed member is very active in this area.


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Experiment of wireless transmit electricity aids Japanese scientist microwave force aerospace solar energy generates electricity

Login register microwave of scientist of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does experiment of wireless transmit electricity aid force aerospace solar energy to generate electricity origin: ? Lv Shunping?2015-03-14 16:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily o上海千花网论坛f 2 Http:// channel

Combine morning paper net 13 days to report according to Singapore, japanese scientist had microwave successfully experiment of wireless transmit electricity, this one achievement makes aerospace solar energy generates electricity the one step with considered to be stridden important.

Japanese universe aviation considers to develop an orgnaization 12 days to say, researcher uses microwave, 1.8 kilowatt electric power (enough use pitcher of the report that start) with wireless means, essence of life transmits an autodyne outside 55 meters of distances definitely.

Although transmit a distance not to calculate too far, but this science and technology can be the mankind to use a large number of solar energy in aerospace finally in road of earthly upper berth.

This orgnaization spokesman says: This is first somebody uses nice way to control apparatus, the high volume electric power of nearly 2 kilowatt, classics microwave conveys content of a small-sized target. Aerospace solar energy generates electricity than the solar energy of the ground have more profit, most remarkable is permanent obtain solar energy, do not suffer making love or time[......]

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Japanese militia official enters female residence to pat video to be appealed to secretly ever entered ladies room

According to Japanese current affairs communication company will report on April 3, japanese onshore militia the 1st shoot high special family group says at announcing a news 3 days, this group that is suspected of taking female residence about 30 times secretly wild Tian Changxing of 3 Cao waiting for land, already will was in on Mar上海千花网论坛ch 31 with suspend sb from his duties punish of 50 days. It is reported, wild Tian Changxing already by invade with the residence wait for accusation to be sued, will resign of one's own accord on April 1.

According to the 1st shoot high special police station of 1000 years old of city discloses family group and Hokkaido, open field invades 1000 years old of city to be in inside a room of collective residence at was being controlled 11:10 on January 16 afternoon, and by be arrested on the spot with be suspected of invading other residence blame illegally. Be in ever since discovery of the police in investigation, the video that about 30 take the place such as female residence secretly is collected unexpectedly inside the mobile phone of open fiel上海千花网论坛d.

It is reported, open field ever entered the female toilet that crosses city town 1000 years old to establish the library in November 2013 before this, final with inbreaking illegally the suspicion of the building by deliver procuratorate, sufferred sue.


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American hot Mom releases bikini photograph to be not evaded reveal gravid grain (graph)

Login register hot Mom of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to release bikini photograph to be not evaded reveal gravid grain (graph) origin: ? ?2015-03-27 14:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on March 27 outside intermediary report, shellfish of American California city captures city of heart of Si Fei Er (a hot Mom touched Bakersfield) recently numerous netizen. This Qiu Huoli making luck this the woman ever released the bikini photograph when she goes vacationing on the net, the gravid grain that although be the mother of 3 children,evades the ground to reveal him body to go up none however and flabby skin.

The graph is this brave hot Mom.

According to the report, lucky autumn is in suffer when visitting, say: I have gravid grain, but I still am wearing bikini, because I am my body to feel proud, this is the impress that life zone gives me. These grain prove I am enough and lucky, can have the child; And flabby skin explains I try hard to decrease heavy, and somewhat effect.

She still says: They are not a scar, they are your due, you should be proud for your body. To this, the United States " character " the records says lucky autumn may have made a whole world the famousest, most the swimsuit model that invigorates popular feeling.

Current, lucky autumn manages his company and a website of lifesty[......]

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