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8 · 7 class earthquake already sent channel of 8 9 stockaded village 20 people d上海龙凤1314419eath shares 431 上海验证徐汇白妃people to get hurt

Receive lash-up 上海千花网论坛of county of channel of 9 stockaded village to do written report, classics is preliminary check, up to on August 10 12 when, 9 stockaded village of 8 8 7 class earthquake already sent channel 20 people die (6 people of guest of its middle reaches, th上海4197龙凤is locality爱上海贵族宝贝论坛 masses 2 people, did not 上海品茶论坛prove the identity 12 people, add 1 person newly to did not prove the identity) , 431 people are injured (injure 18 people again, among them the wounded of 17 people serious illness already was transferred to in relief cure of Chengdu, continous, of short duration of a serious wounded person is in hospital of loose Pan county cure. Note: 431 get hurt in personnel, 369 get hurt for churchyard of county of channel of 9 stockaded village personnel, injure 13 people again among them (danger wei上海千花网论坛ghs 2 people) , heavier 21 people, flesh wound 33 people, already turned courtyard 53 people. Additional the wounded that 62 the wounded appear for the county such as loose Pan, basically treat in hospital of loose Pan count最新阿拉上海后花园y) . Relevant circ上海千花网论坛umstance add signs up for. (lash-up of government of A dam state does)

Responsibility edits: Zheng Lili[......]

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Photograph of resume of Liu Baoju of president of 爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314limited company of network of Shandong wide cable is inv魔都新茶论坛estigated

Liu Baoju of secretary of Party committee of limited company of network of Shandong wide cable, president is suspected of violating discipline badly, accepting an organization to examine at present.

Data of Liu Baoju Qi Lu net pursues

Liu Baoju resume

Liu Baoju, male, unripe in June 1957, the Han nationality, per上海千花网论坛son of city of Shandong a 上海外菜会所surname, graduate student record of formal schooling, had a job in August 1974, joined a Chinese Communist in March 1985. The announce outside ever allowing to save civilization to run vice director, provincial Party committee does vice director, provincial Party committee to publicize ministry assi上海干磨店688一览表stant floorwal上海千花网论坛ker. Held the post of provincial Party committee to publicize ministry unde上海千花网坊rsecretary in Decemb上海龙凤419论坛er 2005, assumed secretary of Party comm上海花千坊1314ittee of limited company of network of Shandong wide cable, president in May 2011.

Original title: Liu Baoju of secretary of Party committee of limited company of network of Shandong wide cable, president accepts an organization to examine responsibility to edit: Zheng Lili[......]

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This day removes big crossing to add a public transportation circuitry newly to receive refute 2 lines are convenien爱上海贵族宝贝t the citizen that the late贵族宝贝上海论坛 night comes home

The 1st - information of Chongqing wide report, this day rises, chongqing western public transportation 3 branches add 447 public transportation circuitry new上海千花网论坛ly to receive refute light course 2 lines, move civilian install Hua Fuzhi Jin Jiawan. This it is technically have nightly the citizen that gives a demand's enlightened public transportation circuitry, be welcomed generally by the citizen.

It is reported, before this, big crossing on the west上海贵人千花网 the bus of city highway along the line was controlled at 9 o'clock in the evening commonly receive a class, and 2 lines reach light orbit in the evening everyday the last regular bus that Jin Jiawan stands was at 11 o'clock later, this is going up objectively bring about in the evening after 9 o'clock, take light course a large number of passengers that 2 lines arrive at Jin Jiawan can be taken without the bus. To solve this problem, chongqing western public transportation after 3 branches carry survey, the line for special use that decides to add a late night to receive refute light course is public transportation.

Try through two months move, remove 447 to debut formally from this day. This circuitry sets out from Jin Jiawan, scene of ease of village of bay of sun of by way of, Feng Yang, peninsula arrives civilian Anhuafu. Civil上海各区gm资源汇总ian time of class of 上海贵族宝贝sh1314An Huafu stand aside is 20: 20 minutes, time receiving a class is 22: 45, jin Jiawan stands 20: 45 classes, at 23 o'clock 30 receive a 上海419龙凤验证归来class.[......]

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Hundreds dweller withdraws river of yellow stone of United States of pollution of 160 thousand litres of oil

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does hundreds dweller withdraw river of yellow stone of United States of pollution of 160 thousand litres of oil origin: ? ?2011-07-04 18:3 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border6 Http://

Covering state of person with power, crude oil flows into yellow Shi He.

City of unconscious person with power of American northwest ministry duct of a crude oil 1 day of late burst, ten litres of oil flow into yellow Shi He, force many the dweller withdraws.

Vitta already was shut, however, oil is multiplying flood to continue to float to swim downward, the likelihood flows into river of close Su Li.

Leakage rate 160 thousand litres

This underground conduit by American oil tycoon dust overcomes operation of Sen Meifu company, covering state of person with power to this enterprise main city Bilingsi's refinery.

Branch of fire control of city of Er of thunder of service of state of unconscious person with power is in charge of Bulunte Peter this say, conduit diameter about 30 centimeters, leakage oil drop is located in city of fatigue thunder Er with south about 1.6 kilometers. City of fatigue thunder Er is apart from Bilingsi city about 20 kilometers.

Pamumalike of spokesman of inspire confidence in sb says Aikesenmei, after leak happens about half hours, conduit is shut, reckon leak oil reachs 1000 pails 750 pails. A few officials tell this enterprise associated press reporter, leakag[......]

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The market superintends total bure上海外菜会所au to announce experience look forward to 6 cases to collect fees case of special processing mo上海4197龙凤del

The market superintends total bureau today (on December 24) announce gas of water and electricity warmed field experience look forward to collects fees 2021 case of special processing model.

One, do not grant to fulfil to policy requirement

A few water and electricity enrage warm enterprise still the fee that collection public proclamation abolishs, influence user is obtained feeling.

Case 1: Finite liability company violates tap water of county of Luo Dian of the city austral Guizhou Province Guizhou compasses collection is metric plant cost table

Party came in March 2021 in June, set clearly in policy forbidden below the circumstance that enrages cost of hot metric plant to user collection water and electricity, still violate compasses collection water supply metric device (water meter) expenses totals 6778 yuan. Since January 1, 2018, the water price that waits for 8 users to orgnaization of partial school, social welfare is not dweller life to use price of water category water to carry out by the corresponding period, category of executive water price is wrong, add up to much collection charge fifty-two thousand seven hundred yuan.

Afore-mentioned behavior disobeyed relevant law laws and regulations to set, compose collects fees into what cancel to governmental explicit order the illegal behavior that the project continues to collect fees and did not carry out a government to fix a price, instruct party to correct illegal action, place in order to fine one hundred and[......]

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La上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛nzh上海贵人千花网ou is new list of a mayor, deputy mayor (article of mayor Zhang Wei)

Conference of first time of the seventeenth people's congress of Lanzho体验上海黑玫瑰u city on December 24, 2021 electio爱上海n:

Zhang Wei article is mayor of government of Lanzhou city people.

Yang Jinq上海千花 女生自荐uan, Hu Junfe爱上海贵族宝贝论坛ng, Yang Dezhi, Wang Lichao, Wei Yonghui上海千花网论坛, Cheng Shaoping, Yang P魔都新茶论坛ing (daughter) 上海千花网论坛, Jiang Xiaodong is Lanzhou.

Original title: Lanzhou is new list of a mayor, deputy mayor (article of mayor Zhang Wei) responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li[......]

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Shoot dead of a farmer of American feeds a swine after dismemberment of body of two worker general

People net dispatch will report integratedly according to American Chinese net on April 23: A when American Russia forces ridge city female farmer killed before this two workers, cruel ground is returned to take their dismemberment cadaver piece to feed the swine on the farm later, head of this female demon is sentenced at least 50 years 21 days to imprison by jury.

21 days afternoon, russia straps ridge city Jackson county (Jackson County) jury is in spent only the time of a hour, decided Russia forces ridge city 66 years old Mo Ni blocks woman susan (Susan Monica) term of imprisonment. Barak of after this judge (Tim Barnack) announce, mo Ni gets stuck to be sentenced all one's life imprisonment, bail is not gotten inside 50 years, this means Mo Ni card to often will die in the jail.

Mo Ni gets stuck to be accused the accusation such as killing and profanatory body, a上海千花网论坛nd the attorney that Mo Ni blocks expresses to will appeal. Inquisitor expresses: The Dalijinuo that Mo Ni blocks to was killed 2012 59 years old (Stephen Delicino) , the Halley that 56 years old killed 2013 later (Robert Haney) . In the Mo Ni in testimony card says, she opened shoot dead to die to breath out benefit, the leg go off with him feeds a swine later.

Last year in January, because Mo Ni card is used among them the welfare check of a dead shops, arrest by police. Police still is later inside her farm discover a part cadaver piece debris. Police investigation discovery, 2 deads are the head gets sho[......]

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The United States hands over gas of the greenhouse that decrease a platoon to plan to was decreased 2025 to U.N. 26%

Xinhua net Washington on March 31 government of electric United States 31 days handed over the greenhouse gas that predicts to came true 2025 formally to reduce a plan to U.N. , acceptance decreases a greenhouse gas on the foundation 2005 to 2025 26 % come 28 % .

American the White House made a statement that day say, the plan decreasing a platoon that submits this to U.N. is when be based on Aobama's president to w上海千花网论坛ill have state visit to China last year in November, sino-US both sides publishs jointly " Sino-US climate change states jointly " , the relevant target that decrease a platoon already was written " Sino-US climate change states jointly " .

American the White House expresses, to achieve the goal that decrease a platoon, the United States just will try to was in 2030 the energy industry such as power plant of the implementation on the foundation decreased a greenhouse gas 2005 30 % ; Promotion is medium-sized reach sex of heavy-duty lorry fuel to be able to be mixed discharge a standard; 上海千花网论坛Take energy-saving step through the domain waiting in bldg. , to 2030 implementation accumulative total decreases a carbon dioxide 3 billion tons wait.

Because object government of abstruse Ba Ma cutting down the republic party of greenhouse gas acceptance to control parliament at present, any bill that reduce a platoon about greenhouse gas are passed hard, accordingly government of abstruse Ba Ma will continue in order to sign administrative jussive means, bypass congress pursu[......]

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Abdication of Li Wanjiu of premier of Korea of approval of Han president Piao Jinhui assumes office only 63 days

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, vi上海千花网论坛deo, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged上海千花网论坛 is taken


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The disposition after Australian doctor bivouac travels changes greatly appeal person of the same trade joins IS

According to Australia " Sydney pioneer morning paper " will report on April 27, australian doctor Dalikegamalie (of Tareq Kamleh) before the fellow says, gamma intense travelled from mysterious bivouac 2013 after coming back, disposition transforms suddenly, organize Mohammedan country at will appearing in the extreme awesomely on April 25 (in the propagandist video that IS) place releases.

In video, gamma intense doctor calls blessing of element of A cloth actor oneself (Abu Yusuf) . He says: Inside my capacity limits, give Moslem the company group the help that provides medical treatment to go up, I regard this as a kind to be opposite Mohammedan jihad. In the project of Medical Protection service that he still appeals to worker of other Moslem medical treatment devotes into IS.

Occupy gamma intense before the colleague is disclosed, gamma intense is former the playboy that is playing and singing of night of a night, carrying cummer on the back to steal for many times joyous. But its are in 2013 a few days short in, the Mohammedan former doctrine teaching aim that turn suddenly and upholds believe in of its parents place, begin to stop to drink, the absti上海千花网论坛nency, friend that before wearing beard to grow and be far from its, makes. Gamma intense expresses even, if its cummer does not wish the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist is Mohammedan part company with the other side.

The report says, the mother of gamma intense onc上海千花网论坛e was Catholic of a Germany, to marry the father[......]

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