Xiefugennipulimakefu of Russia politician, ex-premier dies 26 days due to illness in Moscow, die at the age of is 86 years old.

Peisikefu said secretary of Russian president news that day, beijing of Russia president general already died to be conveyed to its relative with respect to Pulimakefu deep-felt and express sympathy and solicitude for cordially.

Peisikefu says: Pulimakefu is a great learned man and politician, left great legacy for common people.

Pulimakefu was born in black to overcome Lan

Jifu in October 1929, it is the economist with Russia and distinguished Russia, politician, east learns the home and Arabic scholar, 80 time hold the post of the century on Ceng Yu economy of world of Russia academy of sciences and director of international relation institute. Came to was chosen to be Russia in April 1990 in June 1989 chairman of highest Soviet alliance. Had held the position of Russia CIA director, Russia early or late external the duty such as information bureau director, Foreign Minister. Became member of Russian government presidium in May 1998, came to held the pos

ition of prime minister of Russian Federation government in May 1999 on September 11, 1998.

Pulimakefu is mixed in minister of foreign affairs holding the post of Russia ever visited for many times during the premier China, did a large number of works to develop the relationship in Russia.