7 days of reports say trust of Indian cable estate, as a result of Chinese army a series of inbreaking, imprint force of police of Tibetan frontier defence plans to increase 6000 alarm force, accuse Kashmir area to pull Da Ke's control to imprinting with aggrandizement India. The sentence that reports quote information public figure says, indian Home Office grows Lajienatexinge to already agreed with this plan. Home Office returns a directive to imprint force of police of Tibetan frontier defence can add deploy 8000 alarm force, so that rear wheel is stationed below atrocious weather condit


According to the report, imprint force of police of Tibetan frontier defence held water in October 1962, main deploy Yu Yinzhong is attrib border, directly under Home Office is led, headquarters is located in Xin Deli. Its prevent accuse limits to imprint oneself accuse Kashmir to pull Da Ke area to come alleged Aluna just Er state (namely the area austral our country Tibet) in imprint border or actual control line. Current, imprint force of police of Tibetan frontier defence in Ladakede the area shares 7 groups 6000 alarm force.

India signs up for estate trust to still report, imprint force of police of Tibetan frontier defence already was in permissibly alleged Aluna just Er state and Sikkim are established 37 guard mix 15 temporarily camping ground.

However analytic personage says, india increases military strength in attrib border area blindly alarm force, the economic society that ignores this one region however develops. " round-the-world times " when the reporter is attending academic seminar, one ever arrived the Indian reporter that plays the area that amount to a gram to make an on-the-spot investigation basks in the picture that gives his to get Chinese mobile signal in attrib border area, critical India government ignores construction of infrastructure of attrib border area. Last year during Indian general election, imprint accuse Kashmir to pull the area that amount to a gram to ever had herdsman threaten, do not build a road with respect to China of go to somewhere for shelter, a mighty uproar is raised in Indian society.

In fact, imprint in two countries is devoting oneself to to solve attrib border pr

oblem. Both sides affirms, solve attrib border problem to accord with the prime increase of two countries at an early date, it is the strategic goal that two countries government achieves hard. Will arrive in May in Indian premier Mo Di when visitting China, in the associated statement that this word is written to enter two countries government to publish. Statement says, attrib border difference do not answer the abidance of bilateral relationship develops block. Before attrib border problem is solved finally, both sides devotes oneself to to implement existing agreement, the peace that continues hard to safeguard border area and quiet.