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In Hua Chunying of spokesman of electric Ministry of Foreign Affairs will manage new network 3 days on June 3 routine press conference, wait with respect to negotiation of treaty of incident of heavy boat of the Yangtse River, Sino-Japanese extradite answer the reporter asks.

A Jinuo makes a speech now site plan

It is website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs below announce answer question memoir:

Should national chairman Xi Jinping invites, angola republic president is like Zeaidehuaduoduosisangtuosi to will come 13 days to have state visit to China on June 8. During the visit, chairman Xi Jinping will hold a talk with Duosisangtuosi's president, yu Zhengsheng of chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Premier Li Kejiang, whole nation will be interviewed respectively. Relation of two countries of bilateral put up with and the problem that care jointly exchange a view, sign relevant collaboration document. Outside dividing Beijing, duosisangtuosi's president group still will go to Tianjin to visit a visit.

Ask: According to the report, the insular reef of the sea builds the Fang Zaina in be aimed at activity, magisterial Jian Yiwei weighs room of Japanese ministerial official 1 day, the one-sided action that avoids to cause tight situation take turns to upgrade, basis rules by law the principle takes action all in all, china should observe international standard. Beautiful square leader also says, do not answer to declare dominion through elbowing out his country the means that go out, also do not answer to undertake through be not method of law of nations dominion sound alls alone. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?

Answer: Individual country is in the near future law of nations alludes ceaselessly on Nanhai problem. If they had studied relevant law of nations carefully, so tell us please, which law of nations prohibits does reasonable construction undertake on the insular reef that China has dominion in oneself? Which law of nations allows aircraft of one nation warship to undertake touching close scout to reef of other country island? Which law of nations allows one country to damage other state sovereignty and proper and legitimate rights and interests in order to sail for the name freely? We object undertaking to law of nations optional and misinterpret, if not be double standard such doing, can be additional only pursue somewhat.

I reiterate again, the activity just is concerned in lawful, close affection, reasonable, china is of law of nations and international regulation the person that safeguard and builder. China does not do the thing that disobeys law of nations, harm others to benefit oneself, maintain national dominion, safety and development interest sturdily lawfully at the same time.

Hope about the country objective, just look upon concerns an issue, produce constructive effect for Asia-Pacific peace and stability and prosperity truly.

Ask: Visit about Angola president China, will both sides be in what domain signs cooperative agreement? One of important associate of Angola just are in, how do you evaluate two countries concern?

Answer: How is traditional and friendly country in, two countries concerns at building strategic associate 2010. Establish diplomatic relations 32 years to come, letter of each other of two countries politics is deepened ceaselessly, each field deal with concrete matters relating to work adds up to consummate fruit plentiful and substantial, how to concern to already became China to be the same as the example of win-win of African country mutual benefit, joint development in. Believe this visits Duosisangtuosi's president strategic associate is installed to concern to expand the power with new infuse further in will be. I a moment ago introduced, duosisangtuosi's president is visited China during, bilateral leader will lift guild to see, talk and sign relevant collaboration document, about the circumstance we will release an information in time.

Ask: Turn over the rescuing job of heavy incident about Oriental astral passenger ship, whether is the help just sought to other country in? Does other country have deny active Xiang Zhongfang to express to wish to provide a help?

Answer: After the ship of astral brigade tourist that produced east a few days ago turns over heavy incident, a few countries and the leader that international organizes expressed to express sympathy and solicitude for through different kind Xiang Zhongfang, some expression, in be like, just need, wish to provide a help. We thanks to this.

No less than you see from inside news, after incident happening, chinese party and governmental height take seriously, chairman Xi Jinping makes important written instructions instantly, premier Li Kejiang drive for a short while go to the spot, direct personally about come to help to handle the work with lash-up. We threw all potentiality to measure, do one's best begin the work that rescue, concern the job that rescue to undertaking in against time insecurity at present in. Particular case, ask you to pay close attention to the news briefing that holds in time about the branch.

Ask: Negotiation of Sino-Japanese extradite treaty is held in Beijing today, you whether introduce relevant case?

Answer: Classics both sides decides, negotiation of Sino-Japanese extradite treaty will be in Beijing to hold at will coming 4 days on June 3. Beginning extensive judicatory to cooperate with the other country that includes Japan inside is the consistent position of Chinese government and practice. Up to now, china already signed 53 criminal judicatory to assist treaty and 40 extradite treaty with the foreign country. This negotiation of Sino-Japanese extradite treaty is bilateral job level discuss strengthen two countries to develop normal communication activity when extradite cooperates and undertake.

Ask: Philippine president Ajinuo addresses in Japan today say, china makes in the behavior of Nanhai he remembers in those days Nazi Germany, because European big country fails to prevent neighbour of periphery of Nazi Germany nibble in time and bring about World War II to erupt, appeal the United States serves as superpower to produce effect on Nanhai problem. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?

Answer: I notice concerned report, square to phenanthrene leader feels about absurd and unjustifiable opinion on public affairs astonish and express to resent strongly and object. The factual classics abb that should review Nanhai dispute only can see, go up century the force is illegal since 70 time of reef of island of part of embezzlement China The Nansha Islands is Philippine; Attempt since 1999 it is Philippine that wit

h sitting beach form steals those who occupy Chinese kindheartedness reef; Sent harassing attack of naval armed strength to fizzle out in China 2012 of the Chinese fisher that cliff island maritime space works normally, fisherman is Philippine; In was being disregarded 2013, just serve as " treaty of U.N. ocean law " the right with due signatory, violate " Nanhai each behavior is enunciative " with a series of consensus between two countries, it is Philippine that one-sided submits concerned dispute what alleged international arbitrates; Stem from oneself expedience in recent years home of foreign country of ceaseless collude region is roily what water, bring shame on atttacks China is Philippine still.

China is to weigh those who abide by Nuo to bear the blame country, devote oneself to to talk things over when the negotiation between thing country directly through be the same as from beginning to end settle concerned dispute, the volition that at the same time Chinese government safeguards territorial sovereign rights and marine rights and interests is adamantine. I again earnest notice sternly poors honest certain person, desertion illusion, repent and be saved, stop provocative provoke, return through bilateral channel the negotiation negotiates the true path that settles dispute to come up.

After the meeting, the reporter asks about: The nucleus supplies a country group plenary meeting is being held in Argentina. In square how the problem that look upon Pakistan joins a group?

Hua Chunying expresses, the nucleus supplies a country the group is the main component that international prevents enlarge prose style free from parallelism to fasten. This an organic whole is with " do not diffuse nuke treaty " (NPT) is cornerstone, this is the long-term consensus of international society. The NPT9 careful that not long ago concludes can affirm this altogether is known again. because such, group to this day regards the important level that whether agrees with one country to join a group as NPT signatory identity all the time.

In fact, outside dividing Pakistan, still signatory of other blame NPT also expressed similar desire. This raised a question to international society, is that not NPT signatory namely whether join a group? Just think in, this problem should be undertaken discussion adequately according to relevant regulation by group member country, talk things over to make a decision cons


Just notice in cling to just join a nucleus to supply a country the desire of the group. Cling to just prevented department of enlarge prose style free from parallelism to take a series of move for acceding state border. Just support in cling to just contact with the group, hope afore-mentioned effort conduce to the authority that enhances international to prevent enlarge prose style free from parallelism to fasten and effectiveness. We wish at this point with cling to just strengthen communicate and communicate.

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