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Recently, japanese TV program reported a level that counter a day curtilage god, he did not go out 27 years full.

This alias is true tree curtilage male gentleman, at present already 43 years old.


1988 when, he 16 years old resolutely the decision begins life of live in seclusion.

Because computer has not gained ground quite in those days, there is plane of network, computer, sport in his home so, up to now he also does not have a mobile phone.

Come 27 years, true tree reads TV, newspaper, magazine namely everyday, move back and forth camera, chatting object is confined to nowadays already mother of 69 years old.

True tree says, the regular meeting when oneself has alone feeling, but also only this just.

Before, japan ever statistic passes, have 100 much men about at present live in seclusion (Hikikomori) in the home. The definition of live in seclusion is half an year is not contacted society, slow-witted in the home.

In the program finally, true tree accepted the netizen's proposal, mail-order a computer. Nevertheless the issue came, can this let him become more curtilage?

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