England " independent newspaper " the report will say the website on August 4, the biggest airlines on the world predicts to take off at next year. It has 3 Boeing 737 planes are so wide.


This spaceflight mother ship that is in stage of production at present began to develop 2011. Relevant personnel is in the United States the harbor of Mo Hawei aerospace of California city builds this to wear a plane. Ready-made of next year of hope of compound technology company yields virtue of its Er of manufacturer Si Kai its test-fly.

Yahoo website report says, the byname of this plane is Luo Ke, get a bird from a kind of fiction. It is mixed of 6 jet-propelled engine 28 wheel, the ala is exhibited achieve 385 feet (about 117 meters of) . The bulk that this makes it exceeded people to had made all aircrafts that come out far, its airframe width is Boeing about 3 times of 737 planes.

Sikaierde is compound technical company is the company that the home uses an aircraft to make a test and establishs. The famousest product that this company makes is the spacecraft that journey of aerospace of business of company of Wei Zhenyin river plans to use. The spacecraft crash incident last year brings about an air man to die.

Spaceflight mother ship aims finally to carry article for n

othing with Yu Xiangtai. Nevertheless, it will be used to carrier rocket and rather than carries the mankind. These rockets will be as detached as it, fly to aerospace, launch a satellite.