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Class of Afghan tower benefit will announce choose A on July 31 after Hedaermuhanmodemansuer is new leader before long, before including, wool pulls top leader Mohammed son of abstruse horse Er inside anybody rejects many Taliban publicly admit this one result. Analytic personage thinks, in be faced with an extreme to organize Mohammedan country the circumstance of its consequence issues nibble, interior of tower benefit class shows the disrupt sign with the clearest heretofore, a variety of domestic trouble and foreign invasion bring the perspective that organizes for this a lot of variable.



Leave Xi Kang to discuss

Hip message personage discloses 1 day, taliban will be in Pakistan on July 26 the Kui of southwest ministry is amounted to hold the lead that plays by senior commander and religious personage layer conference, mansuer is choose new leader.

Nevertheless, according to 3 Taliban that attend this meeting high-level personage discloses, more than 10 person that attend the meeting exit this conference, the son wool that includes Aomaer's youngest little brother Abodulemana and Aomaer pulls Yagebu.

In fact, this is not leader committee meeting of Taliban, mansuer invited his group member ginseng to meet only, the purpose is to ensure he is elected (new leader) , a personage attending the meeting says, after noticing this condition, yagebu and Ma Na leave place.

Message personage says, interior of tower benefit class still has digital quite reputable character also objects Mansuer becoming new leader, support Yagebu succession.

Occupy associated press story additionally, yagebu makes a statement 1 day, reject to admit afore-mentioned results, point to identify the conference to only leader of one squad of fraction tower benefit attends, do not provide representative, the requirement holds the enlarged meeting that attends by commander of all tower benefit class, new choose new leader.

Peace talks dispute

A few force produce interior of class of benefit letting a tower to resent to Mansuer, still have the way that he is driving Taliban and Afghan government peace talks to go up.

Mu of thunder of case of expert of problem of Afghanistan of organization of international crisis research Smith thinks, mansuer is leading interior of tower benefit class to have the group of consequence

most, also the palm is accusing to should organize harmony of almost all spokesman, website bright. Nevertheless, analysis of a few information thinks, mansuer is controlling the Taliban of about 40% to arm only personnel. This is meant, although graceful Su Er can control Dalibanru why to phonate, but the peace talks result of his dominant and Afghan government whether get personnel is abided by in the round armed still put question.

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