In report will occupy new network on July 19 outside intermediary report, beijing time 20 days of early morning, an asteroid will be close to the earth. Scientist estimation, its core contains 100 million tons of platinum, value is as high as 3.5 trillion pound () of 5.

4 trillion dollar, already mining achieves the research target that drops a company to label this asteroid exploration.

This asteroid number is 2011 UW-158, have 2.4 million kilometer only with earthly distance at the appointed time, be the earth and distance of the closest planet about 30 1/0.

This distance is the earth and moon orbit distance is sixfold much, because this uses the meat,do not see minor planet soon. Nevertheless, have the picture that meeting hookup asteroid flies across some of website.

Observatory of Lei Xibo of Puerto Rico A announced the appearance of UW-158 a few days ago, express, minor planet rotates rate is quite rapid, about every 37 minutes turn circuit.

Observatory expresses Aleixibo, major asteroid is numerous and lesser rock, suffer gravitational influence to gather loose, and UW-158 appearance is peculiar, resemble t

he Hu Tao of a hull.

Taylor expresses the scientist, from size, appearance and rotate speed analysis, the element that lets UW-158 keep an organic whole has gravity not merely, when it is rotating quickly, break up otherwise.

He expresses, the asteroid of this kind of dimensions should be met in other asteroid collides in long time and disintegrate becomes lesser rock, but it up to now hale still, this is very interesting.

Taylor expresses, UW-158 does not have menace to the earth, the thing that it has flown with so close distance next time will be 2108 near the earth.

Minor planet mining is achieved cast resource of company heavenly body to think the asteroid such as UW-158 suits exploitation; This firm investor already locked up destiny 10 asteroid, study exploitation feasibility.

The mankind still does not have the technology of exploitation asteroid at present, but American aerospace total arrange (the orgnaization such as NASA) is grumous to exploitation asteroid interest, what go up because of minor planet is mineral and usable will make the aerospace building, rocket fuel that provides space exploration and colony.

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