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According to England " defend a newspaper " will report on July 16, on the mathematical world cup of firm end, american team seizes 5 gold, ground of occur for the first time defeated team of China of old brand strong opponent, take the first, this is a tournament of annual international maths Olympic, the match this year is stridden in Thailand Qing Dynasty hold.

Abstruse contest United States beats China

Dr. Smith says the Jeff of university of the leader of a sports team of team of England of contest of international maths Olympic, Ba Si, this is a piece of the worst examination paper on the abstruse contest history that begins to hold from 1959.

The report says, the doorsill cent cost that wins gold is annual the basis takes part in the match of the player develop and change to be decided to be 26 minutes somewhat (total cent is 42 minutes of) , be throughout history lowest. American team carries off 5 gold, defeated team of old China winning the home. 6 students of England take part in the match in 104 the 22nd is discharged in the team.

Smith says, his group is in carry off the be overjoyed after 4 silver medal. Gold of distance of Wo Lun plum differs the member of the group only.

Smith points out, final rank of France is the 14th. British team can be discharged almost always in front of French team. This year, very regretful, circumstance as it happens is contrary. I congratulate French the leader of a sports team, what should mention at the same time is him it is new overlord.

The match holds two days continuously, the player has 4 time of half hours to solve 3 problems everyday, limits covers geometry, number theory and algebra. The student does not need to master advanced maths to be like the knowledge of calculus, but these questions are very difficult. The match must not use a calculator.

On July 15, after match result announces, many 570 come from at each country (farthermost include Afghanistan and Ecuadorian) adolescent stands easily into a circle for the unit with the group. A few students still rode elephant or be in excurse of Qing Maishan area.

Kulaer says the American team member that comes from administrative division of division of health Nie surname, Michael Er of 17 years old, whole i

n June, in he and team other the 5 teammate that the name goes to 16 years old 18 years old are waited for in battalion of assemble for training. When mentioning the competition he says: The game that this had played in the past than us absolutely wants god-given much. I think a lot of teams do not have true habit. When he talks, his teammate is playing a mobile phone, the edge eats evaporate rice and beef curry edge to talk the game.

Report, the coach that he says to they are in an advantage to depend on them ever took very bad examination paper to train them. We try the first day be far ahead.

Come from Kadaweilianmusi of 16 Hungarian years old to discharge the 20th to feel disappointed to their team. He says: We hope to be done weller. The threshold that considers this gold is very low, everybody was not done too well, this lets us feel feel better of in a way is nodded.

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