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f international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 61 years old does flower of AV twin sister invite a daughter to give a netizen to breathe out continuously " good dreariness " origin: ? Comfort cangue  ?2015-07-08 10:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

61 years old of twin sisters of Japanese spend rich Tian Taijiang and rich Tian Hejiang to rolled out AV a maiden work a few days ago, realize collective AV dream, came out again recently invite 2 daughters to be entered together row, close child be expected with happy gut true perform.

Flower of sister of 61 years old of AV of Japanese invites a daughter to enter row, close child be expected with happy gut true perform.

According to the electron when Taiwan is medium the newspaper will report on July 7, japanese A piece company RADIX uttered a word recently, after showing twin sister spends rich Tian Taijiang and rich cropland and river day to take AV a maiden work, invite 2 daughters go into business to act in all, challenge limit of audience new sense.

According to " JavParty " foregoing reports, although rich Tian Taijiang and rich Tian Hejiang are twin, but individual character widely different, rich Tian Taijiang is married Yo has one female, loving the male at humorous tenderness; Rich cropland and Jiang Ze leave other with the spouse, yo has a children, loving at the man with strong disposition. Nevertheless, two people although disposition and be fond of have much place to differ, but cherish the earnest wish that makes AV daughter actor or actress likewise however.

And after flower of sister of AV of this pair of 6 a period of ten days invites a daughter to give the message of the path to come out, netizen evaluation is very polar, the netizen thinks is frenzied at all, breathe out continuously good dreariness, also have person support male actor is honorable, only minority netizen gives the front the opinion, leave a message the daughter looks be like pretty good.

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