The personage's message says related government of Japan of Japanese media quote, japanese premier brings times advance 3 will publish at 14 days alleged and afterwar 70 years of talks.

" daily news " the report says, an Beijin is called together 5 days 3 early or late grow Gu Y

uanzhen from civilian

party a secretary in charge of sth one, general affairs chairman 2 rank handsome rich has a talk in premier official mansions. How may the talk make afterwar 70 years of talks are mixed in the government obtained understanding to undertake study from civilian party interior. Afterwar the content of 70 years of talks and fixed position, the transaction that according to An Beijin body drafts the expert advisory body of 3, decide at be being knocked finally recently.

Of wealthy town of hill of village of the premier before Japan afterwar of man of simple of springlet of the premier before 50 years of talks are mixed afterwar 60 years of talks, it is to be in in those days day of Japanese be defeated will publish on August 15. In the light of An Beijin 3 why to choose to be in Japan be defeated day before today will publish a talk on August 14, the report says, japanese the emperor of Japan also will publish commemorative war to end relevant talk that day on August 15, an Beijin 3 expressing conversational desire before today avoiding the discussion overheat around the talk.

The talk that Cunshanfufu and springlet simple man publish is on ministerial meeting got passing, but An Beijin 3 ever expressed to need not get ministerial meeting pass before this. From civilian party interior phonic sound says best can obtain on ministerial meeting through.