China News Service rests Si Dui electric United States will rest on September 3 the old person that doctor of Si Dui plastic surgery faced amputation to save a few days ago, him the left hand of serious burn is seamed into its abdomen subcutaneous tissue, let this hurt a hand to sufficient time cicatrizations to form new blood to supply only.

Cease manage consortium hospital received Siduiwei a few days ago wiped a left hand the disease of serious burn suffers from, to avoid amputation, plastic surgery doctor thinks up a different common save a method: Seam his hand into belly.

The administrative division is secret Su Li city's emeritus rancher, Frank thunder Ye of 87 years old this (Frank Reyes) will change in the home alone this year in June when trailer tire, jack slides, his left hand is by the hammer on dashboard, the high temperature that day afternoon makes dashboard by roast more than 38 Celsius. Lei Ye this get rescuing in an ability after half hours, like heating up a metal to had resembled electric iron right now burnable the skin on the hand and tendon. Surgeon and infection group are afraid, the skin transplanting of general kind cannot act well.

The doctor uses conservative method at first, for Lei Ye Si Qing is washed and wrap up cut, but latter forefinger infection is serious will must amputation. The skin on his hand is almost complete and necrotic, and damage arrived bone. Granddaughter Kathy (Casey Reyes) says, look to resemble the skin of mummy.

Cease Anthony of doctor of plastic surgery of manage consortium hospital depends on Siduiwei division (Anthony Echo) closes special method tried after treating this patient, in Lei Ye this abdomen gashs a pocket, wounded

left hand a place of strategic importance takes bag and oversew. Through 3 weeks of time, abdominal subcutaneous tissue adheres to successfully go up in the hand of damage, make its cicatrization, formed new blood to supply.

Kathy says, before this resembles those who connect cap unlined upper garment, move round. This kind of technology has the feeling of some of science fiction film, sound very mad.

Occupy associated press 2 days to report, the doctor already succeeded at present Lei Ye this left hand is taken out, and from abdomen a few more draw-out organization and skin are enclothed go up in the back of hand, the hand hopeful that this protects scarcely only restores to use position entirely afresh.

Want to be able to drive again only, I should go out to travel. The Lei Ye that loves outdoors activity this say, what I want to do most is to raise ox and equestrian, do not want to be boxed up.

Case orchid plays doctor of Pittsburgh university plastic surgery and hand transplanting expert especially (Vijay Gorantla) expresses, saving the action this is not new technology, but a lot of today's doctors still did not realize this kind of therapeutics should choose to help a patient below similar case. It can give out breathtaking effect, especially the injury of thi

s type, can the oldest rate reduces complication.

Cease manage consortium hospital established Siduiwei 1919, it is 20 centuries the hospital that 60 time have first world many organ transplants, also be the United States provides one of omnibus teaching hospitals most. A lot of high official such as Yeltsin of the president before old Bush of the president before the United States, Russia ever saw a doctor here and check-up. (Reporter king is joyous)