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Game industry brought the behavior before the in big strides of Internet times to change tremendously, now players can consider to make money when professional player not only nowadays, can depend on game direct seeding to become rich and powerful person quickly more. Home a few " the hero is allied " ace advocate sow all social status does not poor, but should carry game of direct seeding electron with this " my world " buy a value 4.5 million U.S. dollor (add up to a RMB about 28.55 million yuan) a person of extraordinary powers curtilage American brother is compared, we or plaint foreign player are same very enthusiastic.

Jordan Maron

A person of extraordinary powers curtilage

A person of extraordinary powers curtilage eye shot is first-rate

The Jordan Maron that is 23 years old (ID is CaptainSparklez) begin to make game video on YouTube before a few years hand-in-hand travel direct seeding, the most game that plays at ordinary times is " my world " . Inside short time he carries living broadcast " my world " accumulated much person vital energy, income is more all the way when the river rises the boat goes up too. Not long ago this game advocate sow unexpectedly 4.5 million dollar is in denounce endowment highway of Hollywood setting sun bought a 4100 square on the west foot three-layer a person of

extraordinary powers curtilage, embedded 3 bedrooms, 5 toilet, a fireplace outdoor, bar of a canzonet and swim pool, anyhow is costly and clinking.

It is normal that compared with those his Hollywoods big star neighbour comes to such room appear to also be belonged to, but after all he this year ability is 23 years old, and what do have direct seeding only " my world " , pardonable also so the discussion that a thing can arouse countless media and netizen.

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