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According to Japan joint company will report on October 2, police of county of wood of concerned Japan grinds to China long unripe shoot send its to die one case, to the county in the dead's family member square claim for compensation makes an appointment with 50 million yen (agreement RMB 2.65 million yuan) in court decision of trial on appeal, japanese supreme court ruled recently reject appeal. The supreme court the 2nd small courtroom (presiding judge: Shan Benyong Is hope) the appeal that the decision will not grant to accept a family member on September 30.

Write in judgment, former in June 2006 China grinds repair unripe Luo Cheng (38 years old) in city of wood of of wood county the desert when constabulary routine interrogate and examine is being accepted on one driveway. The police makes the same score cropland to learn to resist because of encountering Luo Cheng and shoot, hit its abdomen, send its to die.

In the adjudgement before this, the testimony reliability that the Luo Cheng that the accused states attempts to use the stone on stone lantern to beat up the accused makes argumentative central point. Tokyo high court denied in April 2011 its reliability, to eaves first instance of palace place court rejects the dead's family member to accuse the court decision that seek makes commute, compel prefectural government to compensate for about 10 million yen.

And Japanese supreme court thought the fact of 2 careful is maintained last year in January have by accident, answer case hair the high court to weigh careful. Japanese high court incurs charge with the accused, it is those who protect oneself to shoot not to b

reak the law for, rejected a family member to appeal to beg.

Here case collect becomes a family member in adding adjudgement to request, shooting police sends capital crime to be sued with maltreat of special officeholder violence, japanese supreme court is maintained finally shoot belong to self-defence, the ruling is innocent.

On April 27, 2009, eaves palace place court hears this case again, luo Cheng's wife and elder brother go to Japan denouncing justice.

On June 23, 2006, level field of minister of go on a tour of inspection of police station of billabong of deer of county of Japanese manager wood learns to be in road of go on a tour of inspection of routine of aspirant travel of western Ding street, prepare in order to be suspected of plan to arrest those who come from Chinese Sichuan province to grind for official business repair unripe Luo Cheng (38 years old at that time) . This one behavior resists by Luo Cheng, the police shoots to shoot its then kill. After incident happening, check just answer requirement of the dead's family member, with maltreat of special officeholder violence deadly blame will make the same score cropland to tell a court, the requirement sentences its set term of imprisonment 4 years.

July 2006, police of wood county maintains the behavior that Tian Xue makes the same score in this incident to belong to self-defence, maintain the suspect Luo Cheng that has died to be suspected of the accusation such as cloggy executive official business and harm blame.

In August 2007, the dead's family member is driven go to Japan, learn defense in order to make the same score cropland to be become too for, xiang Yu palace place court offers civil suit, government of county of requirement manager wood compensates for 50 million yen (add up to) of 3.48 million yuan of RMBs about, send dead accusation Xiang Yu with maltreat of special officeholder violence procuratorate of palace drive Xing Bending referred an indictment.

But check just learned with making the same score cropland in July 2008 is do not grant to sue for self-defence, the dead's family member refuses to obey check just decides, at in those days in August Xiang Yu to lodge a complaint of palace place court. On April 23, 2009, local court rejected the lawsuit of the dead's family member to request. The dead's family member refuses to obey, mention appeal, on April 27, 2009, eaves decision of palace place court undertakes be tryinged again to the case.

In the careful of open front courtyard October 21, 2010, check just answer the dead's collect asks into the family member, maltreat of violence of special to making the same score Tian Xuedi to

go out officeholder sends capital crime to accuse, but the accused makes the same score Tian Xue to think he shoots have proper sex, him view is innocent.

On Feburary 10, 2011, eaves palace place court rules because of self-defence place smooth Tianxue is innocent. Luo Cheng's family member refuses to obey appeal reachs Tokyo high court.

In April 2011, tokyo high court make first instance adjudicate with respect to this one case, think Japanese police makes the same score Tian Xuewei to fire a shot give a warning shoots fire breaks the law, self-defence does not hold water, overthrow first instance of place method courtyard to adjudicate. But of the same age on December 27, tokyo high court make a court decision again, sustain house court decision of first instance of palace place court, cognizance the accused makes the same score Tian Xuemo blame and reject accuse square appeal. The dead appoints counsel for the defence to continue to appeal subsequently.

On April 23, 2013, the 2nd small courtroom overrules Japanese supreme court accuse square appeal, maintain level field to learn innocent court decision.

On September 30, 2015, japanese supreme court rules smooth Tianxue is innocent finally.

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