" Indian times " 28 days of reports say, try to inbreak ceaselessly in view of the the Chinese People's Liberation Army, imprint decision of police of Tibetan border land establishs a new headquarters in row city. Mean

while, imprinting the decision that the tall cold region that dominates Kashmir to draw the district that amount to a gram builds more than 40 advance guard to stand has begun to carry out.

This report says, imprint there already was command post of a front before hiding force of border land police, be in charge of by Silinajia and two when list a city assistant inspector general, responsible to the chief inspector of Er is being added in Chang Di. Now, indian government already agreed to imprint police of Tibetan border land establishs new headquarters, the decision is made in time in order to facilitate in the moment of truth. Official of a government says, imprint the office that hides inspector general of force o

f border land police will move Ladake, be in with the office of army commanding officer of defence of responsible border land same a place. Arrange so, it is to stem from force of two border land the consideration of better cooperation. Report, army of Indian border land wants to obtain the hegemony that hides border land police to imprinting all the time, but refuse by latter.

Last week, indian Home Office grows Lajienatexinge to inspect the border land in imprinting, interview in row city imprint delegate of force of police of Tibetan border land. " Indian wall bulletin " 29 days of reports say, imprint for improvement the surroundings that conceals station of outpost of force of border land police, indian government will undertake transforming to all guard, install heat addition and water supply.

Zhang Jiadong of vice director of research center of Fudan University South Asia is opposite 29 days " round-the-world times " say, since people party after appearing on the stage, india rises quickly to the attention of national security topic for discussion, also increase somewhat to the investment of national defence. Imprinting Tibetan border area, except guard, buy transport plane technically still from the United States, those who be used at high cold area cast send. In addition, india recruits dweller of a lot of place to serve as a soldier, they get used to downy tall cold climate, direct deploy is imprinting Tibetan border land.

Zhang Jiadong thinks, india is done so in be being met, imprint border area adds new disturbed element, fall possibly in particular case response just is made in forcing, increase border guard to nod accordingly. But he says, overall and character, imprint in in imprint Tibetan border land has basic consensus, be not the condition of at swords' points. Even if confronts each other somewhat, the muzzle of bilateral soldier faces towards the ground, this is confronting new form. Two countries also organizes the interactive activity of a few soldiers and people living on the frontiers in blame controversy area, in order to increase each other letter.