Login register government of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do first degrees admit blessing island nuclear accident causes worker meet with to suffer from leukaemia (graph) origin: ? Fleeing?2015-10-21 08:5 of discharge  ㄍEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] for this, deep unripe work saves Japan to be given out formally already to this man " inductrial injury holds a book " .

Chinese Taiwan net dispatch will sign up for a report according to the electron when Taiwan is medium on October 20, after nuclear accident of Japanese blessing island happens, the outside pays close attention to all the time

whether somebody suffers from leukaemia because of this meet with. Japanese government admits first degrees now, a worker that shares nuclear accident rescuing work suffers from leukaemia because of this meet with, this is Japanese government the first inductrial injury that gives out to blessing island nuclear accident is maintained.

A worker that shares rescuing work of blessing island nuclear accident suffers from leukaemia because of this meet with, japanese labor province already was maintained for inductrial injury. The graph is the first nuclear power plant produced Japanese blessing island 2011 urgent accident, a batch of workers are worn safe garment and preparatio

n of the cover that wear a mouth enter operation of nuclear power plant.

Taiwan " associated morning paper " quote Afp message, official of Japanese Ministry of Public Health discloses on the press conference today, this cooperative plant personnel that many years old of 30 man is Tokyo power company, after nuclear accident happening, he ever the spot shares rescuing work, get consequently nuclear radiation and suffer from leukaemia. For this, deep unripe work saves Japan to give out inductrial injury formally already to hold a book to this man.

Additional, according to Japanese media coverage, in this person by fish leukaemia hind, expert of organization of province of deep unripe work establishs Japan investigation is met, those who be aimed at leukaemia and nuclear radiation is causal undertook investigating, maintain finally, because nuclear radiation is sufferred after spot of the first nuclear power plant works and be caused in blessing island,this man place suffers from leukaemia is.

As we have learned, this also is blessing island because the first nuclear power plant encounters 311 earths shake and seismic sea wave make a surprise attack, after producing nuclear accident, japanese government maintains the inductrial injury related to this matter reason to apply for first.

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