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In report will occupy new network on October 18 outside intermediary reports 18 days, india produces appalling sex to invade again case. Only two years old reach day of female Tong Tong two to be invaded in different place by human nature partly, police confirms among them at least one person still suffers rape by turns.

The graph is local time on December 23, in Indian new moral character, the India of near future happening rapes incident by turns to cause numerous anger, demonstrate person undertake street protests continuously, produce conflict with police. Indian police announces, prohibit having demonstrate activity in Xin Deli downtown, use tear bomb and squirt to break up demonstrate person.

Police points out, zhou Wu is in the victim with lesser age late Delixi Yi of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of case of ministry town Nan (on the activity of a religion of Nangloi) ,

after going by two men capture, invade by the gender. Victim after the event is discarded to be in its are live inside the park around.

Total police grows Gu Ma to say in heart, when police discovers a victim, she bleeds in great quantities, confirm she is invaded by human nature after examination sending a courtyard.

Two men when police announced case hair take electric bicycle capture to take closed-circuit television picture of the victim, searching a suspect at present, but still have no a person to be captured.

Same day in the evening, new Delidongbuanadehaoersa (Anand Vihar) also happens female child invade by the gender case.

Police says, victim of 5 years old is entered by neighbour coax after house, rape by turns by 3 men. Accident hind has the victim that the dweller sees junk of garment unlined upper garment, bloodstain is full of stains or spots, capture of field of irruptive case discovery stays in 3 suspects after the lot that learns her, give police processing.

Police points out, two little girls already sent toward the hospital to accept treatment, dangerous without life.

These two sexes that are aimed at little girl are invaded case cause popular indignation, large quantities of peoples gather around victim home, assail police executes the law not do one's best, did not arrest a suspect.

The female relative of a victim says: Whats did not do the police. Our life is here safe feeling is done not have, probably one day people does not wish to give birth to a daughter, because worry,they can be raped.

Kejiwaer is pushing the leading cadre in heart to express indignation especially. He says, happen again and again female child invade by the gender case be to reach concern ma

king a person unworthily, the government that criticises premier Mo Di is led and police are broken duty, did not provide safe life space for people.

Maliwa represents chief of commission of the woman in heart, the sexual force that is aimed at a female makes a kind of epidemic disease already.

She is pushing go up especially say: When should just wake up to reality in heart? Should be girls destroyed when? Those who rape two years old by turns to be reached partly 5 years old is female child, disgraceful.

Last week, xin Deli also happens one case 4 years old female child the case that after be invaded by the gender, stabs, police already arrested 25 years old advocate disrelish.

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