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According to stage intermediary report, the United States is called Ladi Gui Yaluo (the man of RandyGuijarro) is in 2010, spent 2 dollars (make an appointment with a RMB 12.69 yuan) , in California Fuleisinuo's junk shop buys this piece of next 4 5 inch (1 inch is 2.54 centimeters about) etc of stannic edition photo is sundry, now, that piece of photograph actually value 5 million U.S. dollor (make an appointment with a RMB 31.72 million yuan) !

Value the photograph of 5 million dollar

This piece of photograph took the boy that compare profit, he is 19 centuries United States western romantic spearmans, also be at that time new Mexico the important criminal of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large of the city.

This piece illuminates an invaluable, because now besides this Zhang Zhi, only another piece of photograph took the boy that compare profit. Another piece takes the picture below before 130 years, 2010 division collect pulls much Denver auction to be able to go up, clinch a deal with 2.3 million U.S. dollor.

To affirm the true bogus of this piece of photograph, la Di gives the photograph company blocking gold (Kagin S, inc) , the United States that lets them western appraisal of cultural relic expert. The McCarthy of senior numismatics connoisseur of thi

s company (DavidMcCarthy) says: When we see a picture for the first time, the photograph that natural dispute often suspects to ─ ─ compares benefit boy one piece resembles is the United States western the grail of cultural relic.

We must decide we can reply and pointing out this piece of photograph is where to be, when, how and why pat. To this case, only likeness is insufficient ─ ─ must call together a group of whole experts to find out every detail in the photograph, assure to do not have anyplace unreasonable. In more than one year methodical studies, after including myself to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, the authenticity of this piece of photograph has overwhelming evidence.

This name of the boy that compare profit is Williams state Buddhist nun allegedly, was born in new York 1859, 22 years old fall at superintendent gun to death, it is egregious thief and gunman, killed several people, but also somebody thinks he is a hero. Because he is mixed controller group participated in Lincolnshire war and reputation big a confusion of voices, the friend that this piece of picture that took 1878 is he and controller plays the likelihood of roque after w


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