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Xi Jinping attends climate change congress what to is benefited 5 kinds are benefited a list

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According to new China viewpoint is early on November 30 a message, xi Jinping arrives at Paris to attend plenary meeting of climate change Paris.

French government already brought about 120 thousand into play inside whole area limits alarm force, in order to ensure congress of change of climate of the 21st U.N. is in Paris safety is held. Home Office grows Beiernakazenafu 28 days to express, government already to border land deploy near 15 thousand police, military police is mixed custom personnel, in case terrorist is smooth enter France.

As we have learned, congress of Parisian climate cha

nge will local time on November 30 - will hold in French Paris on December 11. Liu Zhenmin of undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs discloses external on the blowy meeting last week, china will hold to the green, low carbon, way that can develop continuously from beginning to end, support congress to reach the whole world to decrease a new agreement.

Conference of the Copenhagen 6 years ago fails to decrease an arrangement to reach an agreement that has legal sanction with respect to the whole world after 2012, and of the dimensions of congress of this Paris climate let the new to reaching whole world inside course of study decrease an agreement to express great expectations greatly. Law square data shows, at present already 195 countries and European Union expedite delegate ginseng to meet, this is from 1995 " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " conclude a treaty for the first time since square conference, the scale in congress of all previous climate is the largest.

It is reported, this the first goal of congress is to be in " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " the applies to each whole world that frame make known to lower levels has legal sanction into decreases a new agreement. New agreement will be firm on certain level 2020 " Kyoto protocol " the 2nd acceptance period how does society of the international after the end partake the responsibility that answers climate change, this also means the mechanism that the whole world should change to climate after 2020 to be met probably be born in this second congress.

Analytic personage expresses, on congress of all previous climate, carbon is discharged and global climate is heated the core topic for discussion that all is congress. Accordingly, carbon discharges relevant concept hopeful lends machine hair strength during climate congress, short-term inside worth while and close attention.

On investment strategy, discharge a domain in the light of carbon at present, the orgnaization basically values 5 kinds of concepts investment opportunity. Be

share carbon bourse above all appear on the market company, this kind of company deals through collection charge, trade finance innovates, suffer beneficial carbon to trade directly the market is enclothed in the round, the report in orgnaization proposal attention is far amount to, the sources of energy of China silver electric power, Shenzhen, Chongqing lights the; such as gas

The 2nd it is to offer energy-saving transform a service appear on the market company, enterprise of help of this kind of company is energy-saving decrease a platoon, reduce carbon to discharge cost, the orgnaization suggests to pay close attention to, environment of fosse of environmental protection of mist of golden city share, god, day, believe is electric wait a; the 3rd it is clean production enterprise: Pass low carbon production, develop and offer CCER benefit, concept basically include: Kaidisheng voice, enlighten dark the; such as share the 4th it is clean the sources of energy, trade as carbon the market is mature, low carbon economy will get aggrandizement, report of benefit good wind, smooth hot season, light heats up an enterprise, the orgnaization suggests to pay close attention to science and technology of wind of Lin Yang electron, gold, pay close attention to grand radical share, day to arrange wind energy, blessing can share, Hua Guang share, believe is electric, head boat is energy-saving wait for; the 5th, flue gas administers a territory, proposal investor is attention dragon only environmental protection, medium report is far amount to etc.

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