International is online message this year in September, the Japanese security that gets dispute fully ensures act to obtain Japanese congress approval to be promulgated formally, occupy Japanese media to reported recently, japanese government plans to will begin to implement this proposed law in March at next year.

According to quote of Japanese joint company the personage's word reports related many Japan government, japanese government plans to will begin to implement new security proposed law on March 29 at next year. This security bill that gets dispute fully will obtain Japanese congress approval to be promulgated formally on September 30 this year, according to relevant provision, this act should be inside 6 months after promulgating, namely next year by March before carry out formally. On the ministerial on March 29 meeting before Japanese government decides to come in this deadline, make known to lower levels sets the government order of executive day, announce this act is carried out when natural effect.

It is reported, after this bill go into effect is carried out, japanese militia is OK immediately exercise collective defend oneself counterpoises, to answering him of international dispute army develops the nation rear assist. Nevertheless the analysis points out, the senatorial vote that brings times political power to carry out summer of effect next year to will be held to avoid what ensure act because of safety, preparation lets after autumn of Japanese militia next year execute the mission according to security proposed law again. After Japanese congress passes security bill, day beautiful two countries is undertaking consulting to strengthen the cooperation between militia and U.S. Army, long some other day is beautiful before hoping to be carried out in security proposed law " offer deal of service of goods and materials each other " , modification Japan militia uses the built-in clause such as weapon standard.

Although new security

proposed law obtains Japan to congressional is approved and be promulgated formally before this, but the critical sound of Japanese people still ceaseless, all sorts of protest activities still are undertaking. Current, 19 days every months, the organization still meets the Japanese citizen that opposes security law to hold remonstr

ant activity before congress. The crowd flooded the footpath before congress, people loudly appeal to the public: Abolish immediately the warlike doctrine, premier that we do not need to attempt to start a war. In addition, the place that the youth collects waits in Tokyo former constellation, youth of a few Japan also is undertaking remonstrant processional activity, having many youths is special come from Japanese each district, this is the phenomenon that does not see more before. Japanese youth expresses, we keep silence again not the word of language, the future that Japanese youth faces will be in the situation that sends irremediable. There also is right in 18 years old of vote today, want to pass our both hands, will create the future that belongs to us.

(original title: Japanese security proposed law plans to will carry out the people in March at next year protest is ceaseless)

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