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Terrestrial tragedy! Mexico a suffer many mishaps in one's life of 20 years old of girls, be forced and exceed body of 80 man happening to concern; Because of domestic deficient, she 10 years old by familial turn fiery pit, recumbent walk the street earn scanty income, refuse to obey by threatening beat up, 13 years old still become pregnant accordingly, who is the pa that does not know the child however, experience is quite rough really.

Girl moxa Li Xiya

England " daily Post " report, this girl is called moxa Li Xiya (Alicia) , because family circumstances is poor, 8 years old of aunts are about she helps to bar, it is to invite the male customer in inn actually " Shu is pressed " ; , familial sell another public house her, from now on she lives the life like hell, be forced to receive a visitor everyday.

Ai Li Xiya expresses, oneself are invaded 10 times by the gender at least everyday, if indocile by cruel dozen, successive even 5 days of dip forbid her to have a thing in cold water, let her can't bear be insulted cutting wrist 3 times. Arrived 13 years old that year, ai Li Xi Yafa shows him to be pregnant carelessly, she is very angry, who is the father of not clear however child after all, the likelihood is the some in 80 people.

Moxa after Li Xiya is pregnant, still be asked by barkeeper as usual works, when her be pregnant 6 months, class of ability in proper order tastes inn-keeper " reason comes home her repatriate. What expect is less than is, the child is delivered of before long hind, familial sell her again piece, give female official is appropriative slave slave-girl; Moxa Li Xiya lives impersonal life at this point, besides depart with the child, still get the job 18 hours everyday, be being locked up by iron chain even in the evening.

Brutaller is, want Luo Peici to be absent only, moxa Li Xiya can be encroached by Luo Peici's son, c

ruel even dozen still force her drug taking, the process lasts near two years. Finally, moxa Li Xiya is conserved to rescue by an edifice, 2 L

uo Peici and her sons are ruled traffic population, fear the imprisonment that faces 20 years.

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