According to Korea " Korea daily " 28 days of reports, the Han day minister of foreign affairs that day is met afternoon 2 when hold. After the talk ends, world of Yin Bing of official of minister of Korea diplomacy have trade relations and hero of article of cropland of bank of Japanese foreign minister hold a press conference jointly. Japanese joint company says, bank cropland expresses, comfort the problem that install Fu is to be below the participation of the army, hurt the honorary issue of numerous female, to the responsibility of Japan of this keenly feel. Han couplet company says, both sides decides, han Fang will be initiated hold water comfort the victim that install Fu helps fund, day just will use finance budget to this fund contributive 1 billion yen (add up to a RMB about 53.8 million yuan of) . Japanese NHK TV station says, han Fang expresses, if day square cogent perform duty, korea government will affirm comfort the problem that install Fu gets final and not reversible solve. Han couplet company says, han Fang although set premise, adopt conditional type to state means, actual it is to agree to bring the full point on Fu problem pict

ure to comfort.

The successful rate of the negotiation is apparent beyond media anticipation, 28 days of early in the morning, japanese news network ever forecasted say: Although director class negotiation had been held 3 times between day Han two countries, but very big difference still exists on the problem in a few nature, because the minister of foreign affairs this now can want reach final agreement, not allow hopeful. This before today Han couplet company also says, comfort the issue that install Fu is extremely sensitive, bencihui talks whether hand in Korea of sell one's own things to comfort the victim that install Fu and people can satisfactory exam paper is not knowable still.

" round-the-world times " reporter discovery, han day both sides is right An Beijin 3 comfort what the problem that install Fu undertakes apologetic is specific state processing to have difference. In the press release of website of ministry of Korea diplomacy have trade relations, male report of bank cropland article brings times advance of the word of 3 stating is, victim of Xiang Weian Fu undertakes sending the offer an apology from the heart and introspection, but offer an apology was not carried in Japanese media coverage, say apology and introspection only.

Another detail that is worth to be carried is, according to Japan " weekly Post " go up month of report, install times government hope to solve day of Hanwei in order to pay 100 million yen to bring Fu issue thoroughly, and Korea respect asks to compensate for 300 million yen at least however. And when arriving 28 days to negotiate, the compensation of Japanese acceptance is 1 billion yen.

Eliminating Japan is to take money to buy restful, lv Chao is right " round-the-world times " say, the agreement that signs from that day can see day of square concession, japan hopes to solve pair of Han to contradict as soon as possible on one hand, alleviate the United States is right his pressure, also hope to a the inside track is owned in borrowing this matter to make he concerns in horn of Sino-Japanese Han San at the same time.

Report of Han couplet company says, han day talk still alludes the requirement that the before taking away Japan to be stationed in Han embassy peace girl that day just puts forward again and again resembles, han Fang expresses to meet talk things over with relevant folk group inside the measure range that the government can adopt, try hard to make the problem gets appropriate settlement is paid. Both side

s still decides will exercise restraint to comfort henceforth the question that install Fu is mutual assail. Cover with tiles according to blueness a 28 day newses, piao Jinhui fell that day midday and bring times electrify word, both sides decides with this second agreement is chance, for improvement Han Ri concerns and relation of implementation two countries can last to develop and cooperate cheek by jowl.

(original title: Han Riwei installs Fu problem negotiation to theatricalize an expert: Eliminating Japan is to install take Qian Maiping)