Suffer data of economy of many economy system to behave condition of insecurity of politics of fringe of fatigued and weak, ground to warm up, and Chinese stock market goes soft to wait for element combined influence considerably, global stock market is in 2016 at the beginning of undersell of experience big range, 3 trade in a few days market prise evaporates 2.5 trillion dollar, achieve since 2000 the poorest a bureau.

General of global stock market drops

Before this year 3 trade day, cover develop to drop with the index of MSCI whole world of rising market 3.3% , achieve since 2000 most Chakainian is behaved. Basically measure develop the index of MSCI international capital of the market drops 3.2% , index of MSCI rising market drops 4.3% , to since July 2009 lowermost level.

According to Peng rich data, before this year 3 trade market prise of stock market of day whole world evaporates 2.5 trillion dollar, stock market of Zhou Siquan ball once more all fronts steeps fall, the loss will expand further. Under photograph comparing, going going up mediumly year after year in an undersell tide, global stock market is inside 3 months loss 9 trillion dollar.

Main in pointing to, trade in a few days up to before 3 of 6 days of closing quotation, dow Jones industry is average the index drops 3% , drop more than 500 bits, mark general 500 indexes drop 2.6% , to 3 months low, na Sida overcomes aggregate index to drop 3.4% ; On European market, europe Situoke 50 indexes drop 6.4% , german DAX index drops 7.8% , index of French CAC 40 drops 5.8% , rich when 100 indexes drop 4.8% ; On Asia-Pacific market, trade up to before 4 of 7 days of closing quotation day, unripe index of Hong Kong constant drops 7.2% , index of constant unripe state-owend enterprise drops 9.4% , day drops via 225 indexes 6.6% , index of Singapore channel times drops 5.3% .

The element that causes global stock market to issue defeat considerably comes from many respects. The PMI data that main economy system releases at the beginning of this week anticipates generally not as good as, indication economy activity continues fatigued and weak. Manufacturing industry of money new China purchased handler index in December 2015 (PMI) for 48.2, successive 10 months are in atrophic interval; India manufacturing industry PMI will glide in December to 49.1, drop to contractive interval first to come two years; The United States will glide beyond PMI of ISM manufacturing industry in December to 48.2, touch since June 2009 low. Meanwhile, the RMB devalued considerably continuously recently, your market puts delay to pound the anxious aggravate that global economy anabiosises then to Chinese economy growth.

Condition of insecurity of ground fringe politics warms up aggravate market nervousness mood. 3 days, announce especially suddenly to break off a friendship with Iran dene; 6 days, korea announced to have nuclear test. Suffer this effect, the market avoids danger mood upsurges, investor swarms into assets of gold, beautiful debt. Up to 7 days, 10 years yield of period beauty debt already traded 5 times continuously day drops, from 2.295% drop to 2.14% .

Suo Luosi warns the crisis to return

Global stock market ever was immersed in acuteness wave motion last year, after general goes up first half of the year, second half of the year appears remarkable callback. Be in especially the 3rd quarter, main point to be completely annihilated almost. Market personage thinks, include beautiful couplet store add tomorrow of price of breath process, commodity to walk along growth of economy of situation, whole world to glide wait for the problem that puzzles global stock market to

will continue 2016, stock market unilateral rises prices ends, investor may be inspected any rebound the opportunity that is undersell.

Pinebridge invests person in charge of company Japan share to express, china and American economy data are not quite driving, situation of ground predestined relationship is tighter. Although in will for a long time look, investor do not answer to stock market beyond the mark pessimism, but current market sentiment is a little disturbed.

Dunne of president of company of the person that the Alpha theory that manages asset to amount to 6 billion dollar seeks advice expresses, at present the market avoids danger mood upsurges, very picture last year August repeat. The market has

lost monetary policy of beautiful couplet Chu Kuansong prop up, the signal aggravate that Chinese economy puts delay the market is panicky.

Financial big alligator alls alone Ross gives out a warning 7 days to say, global market front faces the crisis, investor wants high discretion. He points out, china is exploring new growth pattern hard, the influence that the RMB devalues has diffused the whole world is other area, beautiful couplet store add cease to constitute a challenge to rising market, current market environment and similar 2008.

Gao Cheng report thinks, before RMB look forward to is firm, rising market sees an end hard. From the history performance looks, RMB exchange rate every drop a percent, rising market stock market will drop 1.1% .