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[summary] although this story makes,this railroad is obtained praise, but the population crisis that it highlights Japanese place to be faced with really.

Flower intermediary says, come 3 years, a train is in only everyday be located in Japanese north go up out-of-the-wayly white station stays twice. In the morning 7:4, it will be punctual accept the student that a passenger wants to go to the school, sent her to come home 5:8 afternoon.

According to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " the website reported on January 11, of this student go to school itinerary likelihood is very alone, but after the report that makes to this matter place in Chinese CCTV receives extensive transmission, the railroad of passenger of operation business Hokkaido of this circuitry because it is praised to the client's acceptance.

The report says, this company ever planned to shut this railway station 3 years ago, because it is couldn't get almost,use, but this company discovers a student to still can attend class in every later the car on the morning of day, in get off towards evening everyday.

Hokkaido passenger railroad decides to withhold this station for this girl, till her high school graduates. Be apart from her to graduate to still have now finally time of a few months, and this school year will end March, this railway station plans at present on March 26 permanent shut.

TV station of centrally of a netizen says on facial page face: This is the meaning that good processing wants thorough basic level. Every citizen is very important. Do not let a child drop out!

Another netizen judges exposition and argumentation, japan regards the youth's education as a long-term investment, when this young girl joins labor main force, this investment will pay off. This netizen still is other country leader cannot be opposite a few politics that do not have eye to teach and feel regretful.

Although this story makes this,railroad obtained the home to praise, but the population crisis that it highlighted Japanese place to be faced with really.

Be in Japan the position in 4 main islands most the Hokkaido that relies on north, in recent years 20 railroad line suspends operation. Decrease as obtain employment opportunity, this country is this

country, out-of-the-way the population of the area with fast the speed at countrywide average level is cut.

The basis is forecasted, to 2060, japanese mouth will be serious already aged, population amount will be cut 1/3, decrease 85 million the left and right sides, among them most person goes evasive rustication going to city. (compile / Li Sha)

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