Will report on Feburary 24 according to Bri

tish Reuter, brazil state police announces Minasijilasi 23 days local time the findings that library of liquid waste of this city iron ore breaks through dam incident, because 6 of mining industry of division of Er of horse of Sa of experience trouble firm tall canals and a contractor are suspected of commit murder and accuse. Last year in November, the library of liquid waste of one place iron ore of company of family of Sa horse Er breaks through dam to cause 19 people to die.

Mine is difficult after happening, samaerke blocks Duoweisikewei to accuse in the presiding apparitor of the company. It is reported, in Brazil, only inquisitor can put forward criminal formally accuse, but of the public censure often can the accusation of preform on record. Local time 23 days, local police maintains the director staff of accident iron ore to commit homicide. This accusation is belonged to in Brazil the heaviest sentence, want to face the 12 impr

isonment that arrive 30 years.

Police says, as a result of,large dams burst is excessive bear the weight of liquid waste brings about, and place exists with equipment breakdown, do not detect reach the designated position. Company of mining industry of division of Sa horse Er is in a statement say, these accusation have misdirect sex, they can await forensic court decision before taking appropriate action. The company still breaks through the reason of dam in investigation.

It is reported, this deadly iron ore breaks through dam is the most serious environment contamination accident that Brazil encounters in recent years, a large number of silty accumulation are inside the main wadi that flows to Atlantic, local village is destroyed, hundreds person escapes home. The accident causes 17 people death in all, 2 people are missing. Police maintains this two people to had died.