Afraid horror assaults insecurity to spread

What to pass a section to buy today? German may tell you, buy the electrical shock gun that uses self-defence.

Horror of French Paris 11 13 makes a surprise attack and division grand crosses the eve of the lunar New Year large-scale sex is invaded case afterwards, a kind of insecurity spreads in the German philtrum that admitted refugee of about a hundred 10 thousand middle east. They begin to be fond of buy self-defence equipment, can make for instance gangster cannot the electrical

shock gun of move. And the manufacturing business of market of almost exclusive and whole Germany is afraid of is to daydream should laugh wake.

Associated press reports 8 days, the product of European security personnel that headquarters establishs in Czech capital Prague (the order that ESP) company receives ases if the flood and to, demand exceeds supply.

Company boss cloth heats up Jisi to pull Er of beautiful of husband family assorted to say, since last year September, demand of electrical shock gun as rising like the rocket, enterprise annual is in Germany market work off gun of 25 thousand electrical shock, among them ab

out 15 thousand are finally 4 months sell those who go out. We the crop of every month is 3000, now, we are trying to increase 4000.

Er of division assorted beautiful says, this enterprise the product of 3 months will been ordered henceforth smooth.

Show level Europe alliance to only a few country allows to hold card to sell electrical shock gun, include Germany, Czech, Poland and Slovak, italy can join this one procession very quickly. Product of European security personnel is first accord with Germany new 2012 rule is strict manufacturing company of the standard, have German market according to saying the portion of 80% .

Ying Ge of chairman of association of German weapon dealer strides Yinhade to say, since Parisian horror assault happens, the self-defence equipment such as sparge of electrical shock gun, tear bomb, chili is in Germany sales volume rocket.

According to striding Introduction Yinhade, the people that buys self-defence equipment comes from different age paragraph with different profession, the men and women has, and in the past, main client is those are in annual the person that after advent time becomes early, autumnal curtain of night worries about to evening gives a security. (Hu Reyu)