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China News Service on July 2 electric radical complementary message: Wu Kelan two belles " the net is red " drove in wine of gregarious network direct seeding a few days ago not skip destroys a person to die, cause quite much comment.

According to Wukelan " TIMES " the net reports, the city of Ha Erke's husband that accident happening v/arc be on the throne captures Lan Dong ministry at black Yi Jiumu city. When the accident, two belles " the net is red " Da Sha and Suofeiya, undertaking network direct seeding through a gregarious software.

Effluent direct seeding video presentation, of their

direct seeding is drunken drive. Did not expect, before dawn was controlled 3:30, abrupt out of control hits the car to the telegraph pole of roadside, on the tree that is swung near again after. What be in charge of driving at that time is Da Sha of 24 years old, she dies in sending toward hospital road. And be in pair of driven Sophia personally criterion on the spot get killed, year only 16 years old.

News network points out Wu Kelan, outside dividing direct seeding video, still eyewitness films the record finishs sth at that time cause course. According to the description of these information and eyewitness, police analysis thinks, drunk wine drives is the main reason of accident happening.

Wu Kelan " cable " the network says, look from inside video, they at that time is to want to debug music probably, give a little attention to brought about to lose control of one's vehicle. From the spot the picture can discover, the accident is quite serious, the BMW car automobile body after be being bumped into is out of shape completely already screwy.

Sophia of 16 years old ever obtained Yi Jiumu city to pick beautiful contest champion, da Sha of 24 years old is to be fond of socialization recreational name Yuan. As a result of " the net is red " " car of a person of extraordinary powers " " direct seeding " wait for a lot of element suction eyeball, this causes quite much comment after thing happening. Notable is, somebody points out, "Vermicelli made from bean starch whether responsible also? It is very dangerous that well-known spirits is driven, but the vermicelli made from bean starch in direct seeding people be encouraged all the time however and incite two ' the net is red ' not plan sequential adventure. " (be over)