Will report on June 21 according to British Reuter, indian Olympic committee (Chairman IOA) pulls equestrian Qian Delan (N. When Ramachandran) accepts Reuter to interview, express, indian Olympic committee has requested Indian government to apply the Olympic Games was mixed 2032 2030 Asia Game, this will be the one part that this orgnaization makes India become institute of center of international sporting world to be adopted hard.

The Qian Delan that draw a horse says, indian Olympic committee also hopes India can be held 2020 board of Olympic of Asian beach games, Asia 2020 congress, and 2021 plenary meeting of international Olympic committee. The Qian Delan that draw a horse expresses, the end that such doing is to pass this kind to participate in, let its become the activator that Indian Olympic motion develops, lend this improvement India besides cricket, in the others the located miserable position in all motion.

The Qian Delan that draw a horse expresses, india is the world big country of the 2nd population, population amount is next to China, arrived now India follows therewith powerful neighbour, when show its economy to develop flourishingly through sports.

Somebody is capable to India to make preparations such

grand the playground face that amount to expresses concern, the Qian Delan that draw a horse expresses, india is one of states that this area minority has method a few times to hold this kind of grand meeting. Now is a government the decision should not take action. He complements, to me, I tell them all the time, if you are applied, I can let you apply a success certainly.

The Qian Delan that draw a horse says, he ever had talked about India to hold the possibility of the Olympic Games with chairman of international Olympic committee, this is the inchoate base that formal application requires. You cannot make a decision today, say I will want to sponsor an Olympic Games tomorrow, this is one lasts 8 years the process of time, must begin to begin from now so, the Qian Delan that draw a horse says, if you look toward everything 2032, so you can have time of 10 years to improve infrastructure, so you need to be in of future 4 to the decision is made inside 6 years.

Complement expresses the Qian Delan that draw a horse, indian government has agreed to

cabinet discussion should offer and can give Indian Olympic committee the response.

The Qian Delan that draw a horse says: Our clarity suggests explicitly government, odd athlete relying on a clique enters international championship contest, the sports development that can't allow India expands. Still need to have synthesis Yo match in India, because such India just can have more more judgments, officials, the administrator also can enter international sports federation. If entered international orgnaization, so OK better help India athlete. (The exercitation compiles: Wang Pei goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)