In report will occupy new network on June 16 outside intermediary report, germany and United States of Austrian severity criticism are right the new punish measure of Russia, these measure are aimed at the open to question north brook that leads to Europe - 2 conduit tran

sporting gas. The energy security to the European Union formed this action of United States of appearance of country of these two Europe to browbeat illegally.

14 days, american senate issues strong signal to Muscovite respect, adopt pair of Russian punish measure to 2 tickets with 97 tickets, increase existing sanction on one hand, added a few new restriction on the other hand, plan to hit those to support Russia " the sources of energy exports conduit " company.

Berlin and Vienna publish associated statement 15 days, weigh this amendment " a very inactive new element introduced in Euramerican relation " .

The action of American senate is in likely delicate to be being broken on Russia punish problem cross Atlantic consensus, this kind of consensus is engineered by German premier Mokeer, it excluded the exit conduit of Russia before this, partial reason is the crucial increase that they involve Germany.

Since this action also increased to be elected from American president Telangpu, the conflict between Washington and Berlin. Assail of president of the Un

ited States before this national defence expenditure of Germany and favorable balance of trade, still criticized global economy collaboration.

"European the sources of energy is supplied is the Europe, thing that is not the United States, " grow Xigemaer by heart abroad? Jiabulier and this statement that Austrian premier overcomes Lisidian Kean to publish express.

Probable meeting is more careful when Mokeer is criticizing the proposal of American senate, because she holds wariness for a long time to boreal brook project, this project is being objected strongly of the allied country of hamster by Poland and European Union.