Indian premier Mo Di will arrive at Washington on June 25, begin to have a visit to the United States. American president Telangpu will meet 26 days in Washington and Mo Di, eat working late dinner in all in the White House and Mo Di surely. Indian media is high-key allege, this is Telangpu since taking office as, be in the White House first leader of fete entertainment foreign country.

American president Telangpu will be in 26 days the White House and Indian premier Mo Di eat working late dinner in all, this is Telangpu is entered advocate the White House receives foreign leader in fete of the White House for the first time since 5 months. " Indian wall bulletin " the word of official of India of 25 days of quote says, this report gives Telangpu and Mo Di between warm private concern. This is Mo Di 3 years inside visit the United States the 5th times. Nevertheless, this is he sits together to meet with Telangpu for the first time, before this they 2 people pass a telephone call 3 times. According to arrangement, mo Di and Telangpu will be in what hold them in the White House 26 days afternoon to meet first. The report says, american respect is high-key talk about this visit. Telangpu senior official says the government, the White House special have fun at make this the visit becomes special visit, we develop red carpet in effort really.

Company of American Peng rich says, before Mo Di arrives at the United States, telangpu is being pushed 24 days go up especially dispatch says, hope Zhou Yi welcomes Mo Di in the White House, discuss serious strategic topic for discussion with a true friend. After Mo Di arrives at Washington, pushing go up especially dispatch response, thank Telangpu's warm private reception, hope the meeting between us is mixed very much undertake discussion with you. Apparent, such enthusiasm mixes American government to Mo Di look high let India be at ease many.

Jiesenkaer weighs researcher of foreign policy of center of India of society of American cloth Lu Jinsi, predicting beauty imprints leader is brief and friendly meeting will place right fundamental key, xin Deli is put in a kind to be anxious apparently before this, new president of afraid United States does not regard India as the central issue, telangpu appointed the adviser that is a focus with South Asia rarely only, this may brin

g about India to slip the radar screen that gives Washington.

Network of news of American cable television (CNN) says, mo Di visits the United States this agenda comparatives probably open, extensive, but partial topic for discussion is open to question also. Before this, imprint beautiful relation occurrence inaccuracy decides an element: Telangpu will sign administration of American of employ of the home products that buy the United States to command; April he still gives orders to reform H1-B visa to plan substantially, before the United States extends every year visa of 85 thousand H1-B, among them 70% gave an Indian. Some earlier this month United States of Lang Puxuan cloth exits moment spy " Parisian agreement " , criticise India took sales commission of a few dollars from which, these also make the United States imprints leader meets cheat a shadow.

American Colombia Broadcasting Corporation (the word of senior official weighs CBS) quote the White House, two leader have places of a lot of applicable to both or all, they are the political cacique that pay close attention to at most on world gregarious media. They are innovatory group characters, ever was a businessman, be willing

to make take on to seek happiness for the people, and use the method of innovation gladly go achieving these goals. Believe OK discussion to they have a lot of collective topics. The White House still refuted the United States imprints the bruit of relation occurrence uncertainty, firm the United States after saying Telangpu appears on the stage and Indian concern grow ceaselessly. The White House says, the hope fears instead in Afghanistan, the domain such as commerce and globalization and Indian collaboration, promote commerce dialogue, prosperity of promotional two countries grows and create obtain employment opportunity, powerful India is advantageous to the United States.