San Francisco of China News Service on July 17 report (reporter Liu Dan) management board of American carriage safety is pushed 17 days in gregarious media special dispatch, the passenger that allows Saudi Arabia airline to amount to the airport to enter the United States from Sha Teji carries the large electron equipment such as notebook computer to board the plane, this means this ban that enters American airliner to airline of area of 9 middle east to remove.

17 days afternoon, carriage safety management board is pushing the United States to go up especially utter two words, content is respectively: Saudi Arabia auspicious amounts to the airport to had accorded with the requirement that strengthens a safety precaution. The passenger that allows to amount to the airport to come to the beauty from auspicious carries electronic equipment to board the plane.

In carrying safe management board to ret

urn the email in media of reply United States, mention, the auspicious with special sand amounts to the airport to already accorded with a requirement, do not include Liyade the airport.

This year in March, because concern conceals explosive, american government announces 10 passengers that the airport enters the United States must not carry middle east and North Africa notebook computer, camera and equipment of other and large electron, must consign. 9 airline that suffer ban effect are: Aviation of chief of a tribe of couplet of Jordanian aviation, Egypt aviation, Turkey aviation, sand spy aviation, Kuwait aviation, Moroccan royal aviation, Qatar aviation, A and Adihade airline. 10 airports are Moroccan card respectively Sa Bulan blocks international Mohammed 5 worlds airport, er of graph of tower of Turkey Istanbul A overcomes the airport, egypt Caire International Airport, international Airport of queen of Jordanian Amman A Liya, saudi Arabia auspicious amounts to Abodule - International Airport of A Qici king, saudi Arabia benefit is so elegant that Saudi Arabia benefit king with a ha establishs heart king airport, kuwait International Airport, qatar breaths out Ha Made International Airport more, cloth of A of United Arab Emirates is plunged into than International Airpor

t and United Arab Emirates enlighten do obeisance to an International Airport.

In June, the United States put forward new safe examination to ask, include to strengthen a passenger to install check in the airport outside the condition, increase the safety precaution of plane berth area and passenger area, enlarge police dog to check limits to wait. Carry a ban to be cancelled in succession in the light of the electronic product that waits for a country to attend beautiful flight number from A couplet chief of a tribe, Turkey and Jordan.

Occupy Reuter story additionally, does the United States carry Zhanmusi of spokesman of news of safe management board? Gregory says 17 days, arrive later on in this week about official general visit Liyade International Airport, whether does the safety that confirms place accord with a requirement.

According to Reuter statistic, everyday 325 thousand passengers take 180 airline to make an appointment with 2000 trade flight number to enter the United States.