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Original title: The boy takes out one canister drink from freezer, the instant explodes! The face seams 38 needles! They must not put freezer

Recently Shanghai fine decide one boy to take out one pot from freezer freezing coke, open ins

tant produces explosion. Ring tab delimits directly on child face, seam outside the hospital 7 needles are seamed inside 31 needles.

Carbonic acid beverage must not

Iced arrives under 0 ℃

Everybody remembered

Carbonic acid canister installs beverage to must not put freezer compartment!

If careful friend should be met,see

Writing on coke canister prohibit heat and freezing

Freezer is not all-purpose

Outside cannot taking refrigerant case with beer besides soda water

Still a lot of food do not suit to be put in freezer even

They are respectively


Banana, litchi

The intertropical fruit such as fruit of banana, litchi, firedrake, mango, longan, Chinese flowering quince, Gong Maodan, basically be afraid of quite cold, if refrigerate, meet instead frostbite fruit.



After actually tomato passes microtherm to place a few days, the surface can appear shading, the flesh submits bleb form character.


Biscuit, moon cake

Will bake the food that bake is put in freezer, because temperature is inferior, change old hardening speed can be accelerated. Affect these alimental mouthfeel, gust badly.


Cucumber, green pepper

Cucumber, green pepper is long in freezer put, can blacken, molten, change flavour. Cucumber returns chairman hair to stick. It is 4 ℃ to be controlled to 6 ℃ commonly because of the temperature that deposits in freezer, and cucumber reserve is appropriate temperature comes for 10 ℃ 12 ℃ , green pepper comes for 7 ℃ 8 ℃ , because this is unfavorable,put freezer.


Has put on the ice ham is not delicious

Ham is in made process, pass souse, sodium chloride content is consequently higher. The temperature inside freezer is inferior, the moisture in ham is extremely easy glaciated, promoted the adipose oxidation inside ham thereby, and this kind of oxidation, have catalysis again, the speed that oxidize reacts is accelerated greatly, ham quality drops apparently, consequently, period of keep in storage shortens instead. So, ham puts freezer to be able to affect mouthfeel really.


Chocolate is unfavorable put freezer

After the chocolate that is put into freezer is being taken, the surface allows easy occurrence Bai Shuang, not only lose original mellow sweet mouthfeel, return the meeting benefit breed at the bacterium. Store the optimal temperature of chocolate is 5 ℃ 18 ℃ . Can use polybag first sealed, again park freezer safe stores. When be being taken out, do not open instantly, let it be answered slowly lukewarm to room temperature again edible.


The medicinal material is unfavorable put freezer in

The medicinal material puts freezer inside, mix with other edibles put time to grow, not only all sorts of bacteria invade a medicinal material easily inside, and easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, destroy property of a medicine.

There always is some of dear one beside

Because economize be used to

Or it is devoid sanitation consciousness

Often deposit ort in freezer

Do not handle till metamorphism

Rustier is still do not listen persuade

@ Zhang Zhonglin: Mom feels a dish wants to put the expiration period in freezer only is forever, for instance a dish of aubergine, want mom to be put in freezer only, when she meets my make no doubt of marry in me, end comes out to receive authority! I this year 15! ! !

@ falls: My mother still has meat jelly one year again in freezer, said not to listen, I was forced to be thrown entirely, still be in now get angry.

@ 33: How to persuade grandfather grandma, is the thing in freezer also can degenerative?

Freezer is not store content box

Freezer is not all-purpose box

For the health of family

You must know

These food do not suit to put freezer in


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? Small, it is the Ke Xing with overweight damp unexpectedly! Accident of effect of preserve one's health is powerful!

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