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In report will occupy new network on July 14 day intermediary report, japanese premier brings times advance 13 days 3 legal person of officer of go to school " add plan lyceum " set vet newly to fasten a plan to phone from chairman of countermeasure of civilian party congress bamboo issues extend, express " intended close comfortable congress undertakes demonstrative " . Country of Democratic Progressive Party is phoned to be mixed to chairman hill well again below bamboo criterion, inform agree to hold install times attendant budget committee to be discussed centrally.

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Before this, bamboo falls to reject to hold afore-mentioned consideration when talking with hill well, but later turn to agree. How times considering Tokyo mix from civilian party disastrous defeat in parliamentary vote ministerial support rate drops quickly wait for an element, think to be necessary to try hard to explain in congress.

Hill well expresses to the reporter: "This is of course. I feel too late even. The hope is become make a thorough investigation of the budget committee of misgive. The hope is become make a thorough investigation of the budget committee of misgive..

During magisterial Jian Yiwei closes a meeting with respect to congress on the press conference, government-owned room holds a budget committee to ever emphasized saying: "Congressional thing decides in congress. Heretofore always also undertook demonstrative seriously, performed demonstrative duty as the government. " advance to be being pointed to to urge add plan whether can the premier assistant that lyceum sets vet newly to tie a course by right of system of national strategy special zone and fontal foreigner attend a budget committee, personage of message of premier official mansions expresses " can discuss " .

The detail such as budget committee program will be coordinated at will be being begun henceforth. Predict to be able to be in 18 days the following carry out inside July. Bamboo falls to raise a requirement with respect to time allocation, the hope is in office party and opposition are man-to-man, if Democratic Progressive Party is not accepted,allude, do not attend a meeting with respect to of short duration.

Rejected to attend a meeting for a time below bamboo that day after the requirement, affirmed again bring the will of times, changed should wait to guiding principle. This also is exposed go abroad to be opposite from civilian party cooperate between official mansions and committee not the problem of beautiful.

How times ever will express after routine congress concludes on the press conference on June 19, "Perform sincerity demonstrative duty " . During about the numerous ginseng that will carry out on July 10 two courtyards close a meeting, examine, second official Qian Chuanxi makes the same score the general affairs before language department science is saved to be attended as insider, but because of,install times outside visit an activity and absent. Opposition demand is being installed concentration is held to discuss below times attendant circumstance, executive ministry of Dan Zimin party ever was opposite this attitu

de is negative.

In the talk with hill well, a party to an undertaking of work of work of subpoena official mansions refused below bamboo cropland of deputy magisterial fir mixes government-owned room rich, and bring times good friend " add plan lyceum " the requirement that the director imposes the 7 people such as Ji Xiaotai man to go to congress attest.

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