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The ice sheet of Greenland island is melting, make ascendant speed of global sea level anticipates more than, the scientist expresses to be anxious very to this.

The BBC reports 24 days, scientist discovery, the whole world is calefacient bring about a large number of algae to grow on Greenland ice sheet, deepen ice sheet color gradually. Brunet ice can absorb more sun radiation, bring about ice sheet to melt speed is accelerated. Annual in the height that global sea level rises on average, greenland ice sheet melts contribution amounts to 1 millimeter.

Greenland ice sheet is the Northern Hemisphere the largest ice sheet, the area is 7 times of England about. If Greenland ice sheet melts entirely, global sea level will rise 7 meters, this to a few foreland will be disaster.

It is early before a century, people has discovered around Greenland island algae grows, but the negative effect that its bring just causes scientist attention till the near future. British researcher has a project that blossoms for black, study different and phyletic alga grow reach diffuse means, it is ascendant circumstance of sea level of whole world of basic research future with this.

This considers to show, the temperature that rises ceaselessly makes algae grows on the brae of stricture of ice sheet brim not only, and begin to spread at the vaster space

on firn, this makes whole Greenland ice sheet looks color is deeper and deeper. Study the result shows, white snow can reflex 90% suns radiate, the brunet part that alga covers can be reflexed only 35% , the partial reflectivity with the darkest color has 1% only, because of this alga grow spread can quicken Greenland ice sheet melt.

Black blossoms research group hope, biology element rises in global sea level medium action can get enough take seriously. The participator of this research, England sets Qiaokuke of home of microbiology of university of phenanthrene Er heart to express, the brunet area that at present observation reachs bestrewed alga and bacterium to wait microbial, they grow inside ice sheet multiply, bring about ice sheet darken. University glacier learns the Situoer in British cloth Taidesitong points out an Andrew, satell

itic picture shows, the ice sheet with the deepest color is the culprit that this one area produces water of most be in harmony.

Remove climate factor, annual summer Greenland ice sheet in the sky of the cloud decreasing also is the main factor that quickens ice sheet to melt. Because the cloud becomes little to be able to make ice sheet loses covering layer, make more sunshine illuminate is on ice sheet, stimulate alga to grow thereby, accelerate ice sheet to blacken, make ice sheet melts accelerate. Si Tefan of college doctoral student expends Bulisituoer suddenly Er considers to discover, go 20 years, the cloud in the sky reduced Greenland ice sheet 15% . (rich of reporter Hou grand, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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