Paris of China News Service on December 7 report (reporter Li Yang) local time 7 days, odd-numbered days of French new coronal adds diagnose case of illness newly to approach 60 thousand. Because epidemic situ

ation rebounds continuously, the medical treatment system of many places is faced with France once more pressure.

French government data shows, 7 days of odd-numbered days add France newly diagnose case of illness is 59019, for since last year November new tall; Case of illness of accumulative total diagnose 7987591. Case of illness of death of French accumulative total is 119899 now, add dead case of illness newly 168. Number of patient of be in hospital of French new coronal is 12714 people now; Number of serious illness patient is 2351 people now.

Incidence of a disease of French new coronal still is continueing to rise, already rose now to the person that there are 444 infections in every 100 thousand dweller. Ao Fu Nie - Luo Ne - A Er low this large area incidence of a disease is all large areas at present in highest, to there are 595 people that affect in every 100 thousand dweller. France leads the person that there are 979 infections in already amounting to every 100 thousand person 6 years old to the Xin Guanfa disease of 10 years old of children.

Dragon of French president mark headed for France that day mid province thanks examine of Er call upon, the epidemic situation condition with the current refer when he is communicating with local people. He points out, because epidemic situation continued too long, people can feel tired, before a few months of the unlike when answering epidemic situation active in that way.

He still appeals the people keeps vigilant to epidemic situation.

Because epidemic situation index is exasperate, especially patient of be in hospital and the constant growth that weigh disease patient number, the medical treatment system of many places is faced with France afresh pressure. French south general Luowangsi - A Er low this - this week of all hospital of blue coast large area starts white to plan, aim to strengthen a hospital to control the capacity that treats new coronal patient, the patient as far as possible reasonable and effective allocation go to each hospitals and clinic, but groovy disease cure will be affected afresh.

France is main 13 of urban Lyons public hospitals also start white to plan at this week; The main hospital of the Er in northern city already started white to plan before Yu Santian.

Adaer of French government spokesman expresses 7 days, the vaccinal process that continues to advance vaccine of new coronal of the 3rd agent, past a week already opened 200 vaccinal and vaccinal centers afresh.

Original title: French odd-numbered days adds diagnose case newly system of medical treatment of nearly 60 thousand much ground is faced with pressure responsibility to edit once more: Ceng Shaolin