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Xinhua net Beijing on July 6 report (Hao brilliant Liu Xin) " Mokeer's political party inspects the United States to be a friend no longer " , according to Reuter report, the Christian democracy that German premier Mokeer is in is allied (base civilian alliance) reach its society of sister party christian is allied (base company alliance) roll out 3 days enter into an election contest jointly creed, use no longer " friend " United States of one word appellation, demote however for " companionate " .

Data chart: Mokeer

When this accident is born in meeting of summit of G20 leader hamburger to be about to kick off, mokeer is announcing to should enter into an election contest say when creed, she feels G20 peak beforehand a series of a Gordian knots can appear on the meeting. A few media think, the openly conflict between De Meizhi appears to avoid hard.

To this, hong Jian of Cui of director of institute of Europe of academy of China International problem thinks, heart beautiful two countries is estranging, openly conflict happens likely also, but do not meet on behalf of heart beauty concern at this point disintegrate. Heart beauty is in classics trade, humanitarian wait for each respects, have the base of high confluence, the trend that prospective heart beauty concerns, still depend on bilateral increase demand.

State demote imply what? The United States is touched heart pillar of two big diplomacy

2013, base civilian alliance, base of company alliance enter into an election contest creed is American definition " Germany is beyond Europe the most important friend " , hope through close heart beauty economy cooperates, purify trade barrier crosses Atlantic economy impact with strengthening. Cui Hong Jian expresses, germany is stated not only to the United States now on changed, expect also place remnant very few. In this second enter into an election contest in creed, the support that Mokeer stressed the United States be being made to Germany on the history only and contribution, replaced the ec

onomic domain cooperation that once emphasized.

Cui Hong Jian thinks, of Germany concern to basically be divide

d into two parts external. Germany the vanquished nation from World War II, grow gradually the force of a dominant that is Europe, what what depend on is Europe unifinication and cross Atlantic relation. European unifinication offerred the shortcut that coordinate and handles European neighbour relation to Germany, crossing Atlantic relation is to help Germany greatly more, in viewpoint of value and economically support and cooperation were won beyond Europe.

But since Telangpu appears on the stage, the upper and lower teeth not meeting properly between De Meizhi ceaseless. Cui Hong Jian thinks, the classics trade between De Meizhi is contacted all the time very close together. But Telangpu after be in power, planned afresh to European policy of the United States direction. On one hand, telangpu assail Europe unifinication, make European unifinication external the consequence, fair damage that believe force, affected German interest directly. In the meantime, telangpu hits Germany on trade policy and plan of difficult civil administration, the heart beauty concern that allows Germany to be held to Lai Yizhi generated suspicion. Apparently look, telangpu just published some of adverse to Germany opinion on public affairs, actually, this had touched the pillar of two big diplomacy that Germany props up since World War II.

Germany is stated to the United States go up demote, a report give De Meishuang to just face difference and the hour with contradictory interest to awful frame-up type, second Germany also is to lend this Xiang Telang general government brings to bear on some kind of pressure, make Telangpu meditates somewhat and change, will defend heart beauty concern and the tradition that cross Atlantic relation.

Does G20 goodness conflict the front? Depend on put to achievement why to plant expect

Can go up to whether can have openly conflict in G20 peak to heart beautiful two countries, cui Hong builds an analysis to say, this depends on the expectation that both sides meets to this G20 peak. If both sides expects to reach to look perfect and unanimous agreement, the possibility that openly conflict produces is inferior. But the mainstream direction that if this goal that second peak meets is to hope to find a whole world,administers, the conflict between De Meizhi appears to avoid hard.

"So for square to sponsorring now Germany, does a difficult problem go after G20 to go backwards actually after all namely but the result that the surface unites? Still look dissension, but does the mainstream of actual advancement develop way? " Cui Hong Jian complements.

Speak of the trend that future of heart beautiful two countries concerns, cui Hong Jian states this basically depends on two elements. How to assess political situation of the United States in Yu Deguo on one hand, if Germany thinks Telangpu makes known his position at present,be brief appearance only, won't make the main trend that American politics will grow henceforth, so heart congress to Telangpu the government maintains somehow cool, but the concern that does not abandon developing classics trade and other side with the United States at the same time. Conversely, whole even Europe needs Germany the choice of the diplomatic course that faces an essential sex, adjust a tradition namely cross Atlantic companionate relation. Germany must find better middle-of-the-road between the United States and other country, seek new-style companionate relationship.

"On the other hand, the critical factor that heart beauty concern moves toward still is bilateral long-term interest. " Cui Hong Jian thinks, since World War II, two countries is in the shirt-sleeve rate of the domain such as humanitarian, society is higher, the mutual demand of the investment between De Meizhi is very huge. "This may be bottom gas of Germany, germany thinks common interest and collective acknowledge can be in heart beauty the action with the decisive generation in long-term relationship progress. " Cui Hong builds summary to say.

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