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The suspect of day book male that police of plain county of Japanese god Nai announced the cadaver in sister of book of China of day be murdered 15 days to check reports and arrest many years old 30. After case happening, pay with life of homicide of the requirement when the two sisters father that a funeral affair handles toward Japan before is accepting the interviewing of Japanese media, punish severely a murderer.

Will report on July 26 according to Japanese FNN TV station, of the Chinese book sister in day be murdered all be choked to die by curb because of the neck, dead time is this month the first ten days of a month. Cadaver check report still makes clear, silt of on 2 person many place is green, before doubt is like dead, suffer mistreat beat up be caused by.


the two sisters of be murdered, the elder sister calls Chen Baolan (die 25 years old year) , the little sister calls Chen Baozhen (die 22 years old year) . The elder sister came to Japan with identity of student studying abroad 2009, will graduate in March this year, work in an eating house of yokohama before one's death. The little sister goes to Japan at coming 2012, the special school that makes game software in before one's death reads. Two people are clear person of Fujian Province blessing, the one yokohama urban district that has plain county.

The message says, a few years ago, elder sister Chen Baolan works in eating house when, encountered the Long Ye of suspect cliff Qi that is regarded as this case murderer, as a result of i

ncrease of number of suspect patronage restaurant, in the course of contacts, two people begin association. Cliff Qi Long Ye is Japan book, many years old 30, without course of study, established a family and Yo has children. Be in originally in the relation of the extramarital love with higher risk, two people produced pecuniary issue. These reasons are regarded as the main motive that this the murderer commits the crime.

After case happening, japanese police launchs investigation to cliff Qi Long Ye. After cliff Qi Long Ye is arrested all the time refus does not tell guilty fact.

The father of two sisters is close to day to say when the interviewing that accepts Japanese media, two daughters be murdered makes him the heart is wrung like the knife, whole family was destroyed. Pay with life of strong demand homicide, sentence murderer capital punishment to return two daughters justice. [reporter Yu Peng flies]

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