Washington of Xinhua News Agency on July 21 report (reporter Liu Chen) Dilesen says American Secretary of State 21 days, qatar has been in fear a respect making active gesture instead, the Shikoku such as hope Saudi Arabia removes as early as possible the block to Qatar.

Dilesen that day with be in charge of chancellery A Lawei to be in to the Oman diplomacy work that seek when Washington interviews a reporter jointly, express, the blow that Qatar advances the United States actively to block two countries near future to sign is aided financially terroristic forgive memorandum, also show the inclination that solves a problem through talking things over with Shikoku of sanded special grade at the same time.

Dilesen says, the block of Shikoku brings negative effect to Qatar people life, hope Shikoku also can begin to take positive action, the consideration removes the block t

o Qatar.

On June 5, sand spy, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt Shikoku with Qatar " support is terroristic " and " destroy area safety " for, announce to break off a friendship with Qatar, carry out contraband block to Qatar. On June 23, shikoku passes pass on of Er of tower of Kuwait Xiang Ka aim to resolve the crisis asked at 13 o'clock file.

On July 5, shikoku publishs associated statement to say in Caire, asked at 13 o'clock in the light of Shikoku, qatar made return cannot satisfactory. To this, qata

r Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses a regret. On July 11, qatar and United States with a ha sign blow to aid financially more in Qatar capital terroristic forgive memorandum.