In report will occupy new network on December 8 many newses source says beautiful intermediary cite, below the situation that in Russia and Wukelan condition upgrades and creates austere and safe situation, bai Dengzheng government office is thinking the series plan that American citizen withdraws Wukelan.

Network of news of American cable television (personage of CNN) quote information says, this lash-up plans to take the lead by the Pentagon. Dear button that American the State Council is in charge of political general affairs orchid made brief report to senator 6 days night, she summarized American government to be the inbreak potentially and plans severe sanction program that answers Russia, but the selection that admits the United States prevents Russia to inbreak is quite limited.

Official of American the State Council emphasizes, return Beijing of not clear general to whether had made the decision that inbreak at present. But he had built up around Wu Kelan border land enough force, equipment and goods and materials, can take action inside very short time have charge.

Message personage emphasizes, american government thinks to not was necessary to undertake evacuation at present, because of Wukelan the airline of the International Airport still is in operation, the terrestrial border that overcomes neighbour of Lan Xi ministry with black also is open. Many official that shares a plan emphasizes, these discussion is the preliminary plan that has below the circumstance that worsens badly in security bureau situation.

American department of defense and the State Council had been worst circumstance ready plan, and the plan can undertake update and be changinged at any time according to local circumstance.

Outside comment thinks, the possibility that evacuates American diplomacy personnel from Wukelan is very little still. Although Wukelan is not north,brief a member, but the White Hous

e also regards this nation as important hamster ally, beautiful abroad hands in army of Guan Hepei example to there is its strategy interest in Wukelan's existence. This makes the United States cut the possibility that exists in Wukelan far under cut the diplomat in Afghanistan and army.

Base complementary it is the only city that the United States sets diplomatic orgnaization in Wukelan, the Mi Ya in distance gram or Wukelan and Russia border land hundreds miles.

Message personage says, current, the Pentagon is planning to adopt a series of different plan below the circumstance that is necessary to withdraw, from withdraw only be not employee of government of nece

ssary United States to withdraw to the big range that involves citizen of more extensive United States.

Whether is American the State Council necessary responsible and final decision to undertake evacuation the action. A message personage that is familiar with discussion circumstance says, the diplomacy of the State Council installs all door to also having a few programs now, so that be when situation need,accredit or command diplomat leave Wukelan.

Local time 7 days morning, beijing of general of president of Russia of American president Bai Denghe undertook agreement the interview of two hours through video phone. Do obeisance to ascend express, the United States and its Europe ally are in area of Russia black border to strengthen martial deploy to feel anxious to Russia; Russian Fang Recai takes a military affairs to upgrade the action, will be faced with come from the economic sanction with the United States and its strong ally and other response measure.

Original title: Beautiful intermediary: If Russian black condition upgrades badly,government office consideration withdraws Bai Dengzheng to edit in black American responsibility: Ceng Shaolin