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Extreme organization desertioned the base camp in Iraq, their head, by " times " weekly calls the world to go up most the Bagdad of masty enlighten already was shot dead very likely again, extreme organization looks general trends already had not gone, occupy Saudi Arabia media 15 days to report, the extreme organizes the head Gulaledingtunixi of Libyan branch, the person that will become the succeed sb in a post of Bagdad ground very likely, become the new head that organizes extremely.

Announce in Iraqi premier Masuer liberates a day after in the round formally, namely 11 days, iraqi media ever reported, extreme organization has admitted its are highest head Bagdad enlighten death, say this organization will be in produce new head soon.

The month has Russia media to report on, bagdad enlighten the likelihood already died in Syria

Yu Ejun air attack.

15 days, according to sand special Arabia TV station reports, in view of the extreme the organization sufferred blow again and again in Iraq and Syria recently, the extreme organizes earnestly to need rally and try in vain to enlarge force in North Africa, graph Buddhist nun becomes Bagdad accordingly on the west enlighten one of the most important successor.

True name of Tunixi is Mohammed Bensalimuayouni, was born in the foreland that Tunisia Su Sai saves 1982, 90 time immigrant goes to the century on France, acquired French citizenship. 2011, he heads for Syria, enter Syrian civil war. 2014, tunixi announces to join an extreme to organize. Tunixi and Bagdad enlighten the relationship is close, last year Bagdad enlighten the chief that appoints him to organize Libyan branch for the extreme.

North Africa is the main area that extreme organization attempts to restore vitality and enlarges force, together with is Libyan especially its not stable south area, it is the environment that provided opposite security to the development that organizes extremely more, because be over there, terrorist can act freely, still can wait for channel to ensure its financing source through smuggling.

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