Time of bright and beautiful game is in 2019 badminton worlds where to hold badminton world group of China of bright and beautiful contest is whole list

2019 badminton world bright and beautiful contest will in August 19-25 day is held in Swiss Basel, according to the world rank that announced on July 30, the seed that world bright and beautiful surpasses 5 individual event is discharged already affirmatory, japan held a men and women singles and female pair of number one seeds of 3 projects, china and Indonesian took respectively mix double sign with male double number one. World bright and beautiful surpasses ballot ceremony to will undertake on August 5.

The world this year team of China of bright and beautiful contest is the team that went up one to all take seats of 4 fulfil the quota in 5 projects only, chinese team takes part in the match list is as follows:

Male single: Shi Yuji, Chen Long, Lin Dan, Liu Guangzu

Female sheet: Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Han Yue, Cai Yan is phlogistic

Male double: Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen, Han Chengkai / week Hao Dong, Liu Cheng / Zhang Nan, He Jiting / Tan Jiang

Female double: Chen Qingchen / Gu Yifan, prevent / Li Yin sunshine, Li Wen younger sister / Zheng Yu, Dong Wenjing / Feng Xueying

Mix double: Zheng Saiwei / law of Huang Yaqiong, Wang Yi / Huang Dongping, He Jiting / prevent , Lu Kai / Chen Lou

According to world rank, tian Xiandou of peach of runner-up of coronal of male single of previous term or session and Shi Yuji are labelled two seminal general enter the head respectively up and down half area, two people just are met in finals only encounter. Dragon of a surname of Olympic Games champion is 4 seeds, danish Asaiersen is 5 seeds. As a result of Korea veteran Sun Wanhu abandons contest, lin Dan is ranked the 13rd, liu Guangzu the 20th.

Seed of female only number one belongs to mountain pass of player of Japan of return world first alizarin red, dai Ziying of Chinese Taipei famous general enters below half area for 2 seeds, chinese player Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao are labelled date and 6 4 seeds. Marlin of famous general of Spain of the champion that defend crown is ranked the 10th, han Yue of additionally two China players and Cai sorching are ranked respectively the 14th with 17.

Li Junhui of double tower of China of the male double champion that defend crown / Liu Yuchen is 2 seeds, kept away from before finals Ji Diang of strong archives of number one seed and Ke Xingyin Buddhist nun / Sukamu. Han Chengkai / week Hao Dong, He Jiting /

Tan Jiang and Liu Cheng / Zhang Nan is listed respectively the 6th, 10 with 16. Japanese daughter double before was being held 3 seeds, guan Yajun is loose last year this hemp bless / always mix formerly but Na Hefu island by discipline / two seeds identity enters fluctuation before wide Tian Caihua half area, 3 seeds are pine of Olympic Games champion friendly beautiful Zun Ji / Gao Qiaoli China, china combines Chen Qingchen / Gu Yifan and prevent / Li Yin brightness is date and 7 4 seeds, li Wen younger sister / Zheng Yu and Dong Wenjing / Feng Xueying is listed the 12nd with 18.

Powerful China mixes before double combination undertook the whole thing two seeds, zheng Saiwei / Huang Yaqiong and Wang Yi law / Huang Dongping will part assume personal command fluctuates half area, he Jiting / prevent He Lukai / Chen Lou is ranked respectively the 13rd with 16.

It is platoon of before each individual event 8 seeds below:

Male single: Peach Tianxian is fought (Japan) , Shi Yuji, Zhou Tiancheng (Chinese Taipei) , Chen Long, Asaiersen (Denmark) , Qiaonatan - Christie

Female sheet: Mountain pass alizarin red (Japan) , Dai Ziying (Chinese Taipei) , abstruse hope formerly (Japan) , Chen Yufei, Xin Du (India) , He Bingjiao, because amount to farming (Thailand) , Val (India

Male double: Jidi is held high / Sukamuyao (Indonesian) , Li Junhui / Liu Yuch

en, fine village be good at person / vegetable garden is opened realize (Japan) , Saidiya 10 thousand / A Shan (Indonesian)

Female double: Loosen a Ma You / always mix formerly but that (Japan) , blessing island by discipline / An Tiancai is beautiful (Japan) , Song Youmei Zun Ji / Gao Qiaoli China (Japan) , Chen Qingchen / Gu Yifan

Mix double: Zheng Saiwei / Huang Yaqiong, Wang Yi law / the Huang Dongping, brave that cross a border is big / Dong Yeyou gauze (Japan) , heart poor wave / Shaxili (Thailand

Original title: Badminton world China of bright and beautiful contest 5 all cropland of strange a peach-shaped thing of eaves of stone of fulfil the quota parts half area responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling