The rocket defers to trade Yi Ge amounts to Layiyin to make an appointment with pay to exceed 17 million luxury for the autograph tax is very high still

Trade in the success after getting Wei Sizhi, the footstep bringing hold of the rocket did not stop

, signed Tai Sen very quickly again - money heart Le Bujiang. Media of the United States before this also reports say, the rocket negotiates in bear following ash discuss what pull about Yi Ge Da to trade, occupy senior correspondent Xia

musi nevertheless - those who check Laniya is newest explode makings, bilateral negotiation has been laid aside temporarily.

Chalaniya expresses: Grey bear is being searched all the time trade suitably plan, they hope to be pulled through Yi Ge Da trade a few valuable chip. Play two team that be interested and sentence with grey Xiong Tan seriously to Yi Ge Da truly, it is rocket and flier, but this two teams did not continue to advance now traded.

Message personage says, the rocket is not willing to pay too much and extravagant tax, trade to hesitate quite to what Yi Ge Da pulls so. If was done really,change, sheet of their extravagant duty Zhang is highest can achieve 2000 much.

As to flier, they should trade get Yi Ge Da pull, must get Ranghakelesi to become trade chip, but message personage says, flier does not plan to be pulled for Yi Ge Da absolutely send Hakelesi. So these two team begin hesitation, the hope can introduce the 3rd even team of all directions cooperates, so the distance is reached trade to still very long way wants.

Yi Ge Da pulls down the pay of sports season to exceed 17 million, considering his age and data, any wanting that the strong coronal team that chases after him gets a look before you leap.

Of course, if look for less than trading object, grey ursine final likelihood can follow Yi Ge only Dalada is become buy outright an agreement, both sides bears each a few losses (if do not think the bear that it is ash plays a ball game anyhow,Yi Ge Da is pulled, must make make a concession in buy outright for certain) . If enter free market, the team that has a space can go after Yi Ge Da to pull, but the rocket that is without a space is afraid at the appointed time be about to go out bureau.

Original title: Rocket exposing to the sun defers to trade introduce Yi Ge Da to pull do not think extravagant tax liability edits Fu Taigao: Li Xiaoling