Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on December 23 report (reporter Zhengmingda, Wang Bin) in the light of Lincoln of cloth of American Secretary of State was the same as European Union diplomacy and safe policy a few days ago senior delegate Boleilitong when the word unjustifiable in censuring, square contrary Tao Wan is done, zhao Lijian of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 23 days, the United States just is multiform unilateral the be a comprehensive expression of of bully approach and threa

tening diplomacy person. Beautiful Europe should urge Lithuania to admit as soon as possible and correct an error, is not sedulous shield a shortcoming of fault, confuse right and wrong.

Zhao Lijian says when answering question on routine press conference, lithuania commits serious mistake on experience stage problem, do not admit not only and correct an error, tell a pack of l

ie again and again instead, shirk responsibility, promiscuous seeing and hearing. To this, beautiful Ouxin knows abdomen bright.

Beautiful Fang Heou just should do, it is to urge Lithuania to admit to correct an error as soon as possible, is not to ignore a fact, sedulous shield a shortcoming of fault. Beautiful Europe lends this for no reason in censuring square, more conversed dispute, violated morality and justice, also damaged image of beautiful Europe oneself. He says.

Zhao Lijian says, the fact has proved for many times, the United States just is multiform unilateral the be a comprehensive expression of of bully approach and threatening diplomacy person. The United States initiates of all kinds and unilateral punish, long arm according to for no reason of its internal law administer, abusive state power is unjustifiable dozen press exotic nation orgnaization, enterprise and individual, paradigmatic can be found everywhere, too numerous to mention one by one. Beautiful square practice objects generally by international society.

He expresses, the European Union wants to uphold just and reasonable international order, should make a clear distinction between right and wrong, grasp hold objective and just position, health of relation of the Europe in be being safeguarded with real operation stabilizes development, is not to follow the dance since the United States, the mistake that stands in morality and justice at the same time.

Original title: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Beautiful Ou Yingdui closes to Lithuania admits as soon as possible and correct responsibility of confuse right and wrong of wrong and rather than to edit: Ceng Shaolin