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Original title: Los angeles is applied no longer mayor of Olympic Games Paris fell to the flower 2024 Parisian watch is hopeful

Paris of China News Service on August 1 report (reporter Long Jianwu) agree to hold in American los angeles Spring 2028 after the Olympic Games, french Paris becomes the application city with only 2024 Olympic Games. Parisian mayor Yidaerge will express on July 31, right Olympic Games flower fell 2024 Paris is quite hopeful.

According to French media coverage, on July 31, after los angeles announces afore-mentioned decisions, yidaerge is pushing Parisian mayor to go up especially dispatch says: It is important that 3 winning agreements stride very glad that mayor of my friend, los angeles reachs Paris forward, los angeles and international Olympic committee one pace.

Before this, the city such as Budapest, Rome, hamburger exits the competition that the Olympic Games sponsorred authority 2024 in succession, paris and los angeles are become two apply a city finally. In July the middle ten days of a month, international Olympic committee is passed double choose resolution, undertake to was mixed 2024 by Paris and los angeles 2028 the Olympic Games, repass tripartite negotiates a decision who first after who.

The press release that international Olympic committee issued that day says, in los angeles abstruse explain appoint announce to apply 2028 after the Olympic Games, international Olympic committee is given out willingly sponsor urban agreement. International Olympic committee has confidence to will reach tripartite agreement with los angeles and Paris August, creation is advantageous to each 3 win a

n aspect.

Local time on July 30, wonderful Olympic Games, sing activity of theme of noisy peace Olympic Games to be held in American los angeles. Los angeles ever sponsorred summertime Olympic Games for two times, the 10th was 1932 respectively mixes the 23rd of 1984. 33 years ago on July 28, the 23rd Olympic Games commemorates in los angeles stadium kicks off. Zhang Shuo of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Paris and los angeles do not wish to abandon actively doing advantageous position first originally. Decide the Olympic Games held the ground 2024 on 131 plenary meeting that international Olympic committee will hold at will be in Peruvian capital Lima on September 13. After los angeles is concessional, this one problem already did not have be concerned about it seems that, poll this the program that already made routine business.

Yidaerge is pushi

ng say in article: I hold quite upbeat mood. We will hammer and tongs, strive for those who let will be held in Lima on September 13 is voting become historic momently. The basis is regular, paris cannot announce formally in international Olympic committee before self-given the Olympic Games sponsorred a city 2024.

Paris abstruse explain appoint Aisitan builds couplet seat chairman to also make a statement say, paris abstruse explain appoint happy see two Olympic Games sponsorred authority allocation problem to stride new one step. At the beginning of be being applied oneself since, paris abstruse explain appoint and all member with excellent job, your international Olympic committee believes will it is beneficial that the Olympic Games sponsorred authority to award Paris 2024 lift.

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