Netease sports reported on May 1:

Integral of badminton Olympic Games surpassed New Zealand of the first station to make public contest to be in 2019 Oakland is comprehensive start shooting, lin Dan and Li Xuerui fall continuously two bureaus get the better of promotion greatly, guo Yu daughter double 4 pairs of combination all pass a barrier.

Add up to of national feather male single 6 people take part in the match, but first-run battle stops to leave two people only. Lin Dan the Manuoda that first adversary are New Zealand, actual strength is apparently crushing adversary, fall continuously two bureaus are mixed with 21-6 21-7 get victory. Sun Feixiang encounters Kexite of a Thailand player, throw one inning first in 10-21 hind, connect with 21-13 and 21-17 board two bureaus changeover.

The others male single of 4 national feather, the Xi Di that Huang Yuxiang faces Thailand is empty, head after the big score of bureau 8-21 suffers a defeat, the 2nd bureau loses experience one round to swim again with 17-21. Liu Guangzu challenges Sujiyatuo of Indonesian famous general, be defeated by two bureaus to lose with 11-21 and 15-21 repeatedly. Zhao Junpeng faces Korea make bright, lose two bureaus to be mixed with 15-21 repeatedly 17-21 is not hostile hand. Zhou Zeji is first-run the Banjingyi that adversary is Japan will, take the lead in taking the case that surpass in 21-14, be connected to get the better of two bureaus to suffer changeover with 21-11

and 21-15 by adversary.

Female odd Li Xuerui is opposite an Indian player Anula, promote even below two cities easily with 21-9 and 21-10. Wang Zhiyi meets Neiweier of Indian famous general head-on, dozen full 3 bureaus overcome adversary with 21-16, 21-23 and 21-4 force. Li Yun faces Quan Zhuyi of a Korea player, dozen full 3 bureaus win victory with 21-15, 17-21 and 21-12. Wei Yaxin meets Zhong Rui of player of American foreign citizen of Chinese origin head-on, take next opponent with 21-8 and 21-13.

Chen Xiaoxin meets Korea player An Shiyong head-on, hassle is mixed with 18-21, 21-18 after 3 bureaus 21-23 cherish defeats the promotion that do not have a predestined relationship. Zhang Yiman faces silk of Li of Indonesian player Ma to get stuck, be sufferred a defeat with 16-21 and 12-21 by adversary suppress. Ji Shuting meets Jiang Meihui of Chinese Taipei player head-on, head 21-19 of the 2nd bureau after bureau 13-21 forestalls his opponent by a show of strength pulls an one bureau, bureau of decide the issue of the battle beats rival with 18-21.

Male double Liang Weikeng / Shang Yichen is opposite the gold Dai tree of a Japan / the develop on the well is fought, lose two bureaus to be mixed with 9-21 repeatedly 12-21 is not hostile hand. Chen Saihang / fencing Qiuyue meets Japan head-on to combine fine village be good at person / vegetable garden is opened realize, lose two bureaus to lose with 15-21 and 10-21 repeatedly. Jiang Zhenbang / Liang Yongwang and Dong Weijie / Guo Xinwa should have civil war originally, but latter quits game. Mix double Dong Weijie / Chen Xiaofei is hit full 3 bureaus, combine Li Yang with 21

-13, 20-22 and Taipei of 21-19 conquer China / Yang Jing .

Female Shuang Guoyu is combined 4 pairs hand in hand pass a barrier, li Yin sunshine / prevent meets Chinese Taipei head-on to combine Xu Yaqing / introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad damask silk fragrant, fall continuously two bureaus eliminate rival with 21-13 and 21-15. Feng Xueying / Dong Wenjing is opposite a Smith / Jacqueline - beyond, get the better of greatly with 21-2 and 21-7. Xia Yuting / Liu Xuan Xuan faces India to combine handkerchief of bitter fleabane accept / luck enlighten, win victory with 21-23 and 21-14, 21-14. Zhou Chaomin / Chen Xiaofei is opposite a Bai Yupo of a Chinese Taipei player / Chengdu, be defeated by one bureau first in 10-21 hind, pull two bureaus changeover repeatedly with 21-13 and 21-17.

Original title: New Zealand surpasses Rui Wansheng of snow of Lin Dan plum to promote Guo Yu daughter double first-run get the better of responsibility to edit completely: Zheng Lili