In the newest statistic data that report will writing brush according to the United States the university releases Sihuopujinsi about on December 15 shows new network, case of illness of death of new coronal of American accumulative total exceeds 800 thousand, amount to 800266; Case of illness of accumulative total diagnose amounts to 50226427.

Latter, the United States adds new coronal case load and dead number newly to all show ascendant trend. Control a center according to American disease (CDC) data statistic, nearly 7 all add case load newly to be 120 thousand about every day, dead number is 1130 people about.

The expert thinks, epidemic situation appears rebound to basically suffer weather to turn cold bring about indoor activity to add try to reach holiday journey to increase be caused by.

Appear as epidemic situation rebound, much city begins to tighten up epidemic prevention measure once more. California city announces 13 days, no matter whether vaccination, the people must adorn in all and indoor place g

uaze mask. New York city announced that day, asking to show the indoor location that vaccinal have an inocul

ation proves, the people must adorn guaze mask.

Original title: Johns Hopkins university: Death of new coronal of American accumulative total exceeds editor of 800 thousand responsibility: Ceng Shaolin